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Warren Ellis To Adapt El Pantera For UCP TV

The two then create the vigilante El Pantera to ride the town of the Mexican mob.Also announced were adaptations of the British cult films The Machine as a series for SyFy written by Caradog James and the IDW comic Kill Shakespeare with creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery set to write.[Source: Deadline][...]

Looking At IDW Games At NYCC

Quickly spearheading development of short to mid-length play games, the division hit the market with a bang, and is only looking to push further.Their most recent release, KILL SHAKESPEARE, was a successful Kickstarter campaign The game, a pseudo-cooperative system set in the many lands of William Shakespeare, pits the players against the great bard, Lady[...]

Kill Shakespeare Takes On More And More Media

Talking to the Kill Shakespeare folk at MCM London Comic Con, I learned that, now that this revisionist Shakespeare comic book has been transformed into a board game and a stage show, Kill Shakespeare is moving to new media.Such as a radio drama adaptation of the series, to be broadcast by, who are moving[...]

New Kill Shakespeare: The Mask Of Night This June

A lot of the talk lately has been about the Kill Shakespeare board game.. well, now we can talk about the comic again as IDW has announced Kill Shakespeare: The Mask Of Night coming this June. “We’re excited to announce The Mask of Night, our pirate adventure,” says series co-creator, Anthony Del Col, “Not only does it include[...]

Kill Shakespeare Gets A Rather Royal Addition

They represent an exclusive card expansion  as part of the Kill Shakespeare board game Kickstarter.The set is called the Muse of Fire set (a play on the opening lines of Henry V) and will only go out in kickstarted copies.I suddenly feel incredibly patriotically inspired to back the project. Here are three paintings by J.K[...]

Glenn Fabry Paints The Kill Shakespeare Board Game

  Here's a look at the IDW Games cover for the Kill Shakespeare board game, painted by Glenn Fabry Apparently they were going to use Dave Dorman but he wasn't available I think they didn't do too badly...And this is how it looks when it's been treated for the cover A Shakespeare filter or something.We haven't[...]

IDW Launches IDW Games, With Kill Shakespeare And 30 Days Of Night

Now IDW are doing the same thing, in a deal with Pandasaurus Games, creating IDW Games. IDW Games will specialize in high-quality big-box games developed around several of IDW’s key properties, beginning in the late spring of 2014 with Kill Shakespeare and 30 Days of Night Readers and gamers alike will now be given the chance[...]

Monkeybrain Leads The Way from Digital to Print—IDW's Big Panel at Baltimore Comic Con

The world of Vitriol is futuristic with elements of a “junky old past”.Antony Del Col joined the panel to talk about his highly successful series Kill Shakespeare (with Conor McCreery) The “action adventure” series stars all of Shakespeare’s greatest heroes on a mission to kill or save a mysterious wizard named Shakespeare Since it’s launch[...]

Mr. Smylie Goes to Dubai: Reflections on Middle East Film & Comic-Con

Two indoor floors and a larger outdoor festival area made up the main convention area, with outdoor tent pavilions for the panels and art workshops and a discreetly hidden beer garden (Dubai is officially a dry city in deference to Islamic traditions but alcohol is widely available through hotel bars).[caption id="attachment_155440" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="John Rhys-Davies,[...]

Thursday Runaround: Is This The Best Runaround Ever?

The movie's been doing very well, I think, whenever we've screened it to normal people." In Rochester: Jetpack Comics looking to pay it forward this holiday season - Fosters If you pop into Jetpack Comics this week to pick up the latest chronicle of your favorite superhero, owner Ralph DiBernardo hopes you'll drop off a toy or[...]