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Conan the Barbarian Becomes King with Next Super7 Ultimates Release 
The ruler of Aquilonia returns to his throne as King Conan is ready for his next journey Inspired by the end-credits of Conan the Barbarian, this 7" scale figure features a soft goods pelt and cape, swappable heads, as well as a sword and dagger This figure is incredible, and a whole new set of[...]
Marvel Comics Alters Art for King Conan #2 After Pocahontas Criticism
Marvel Comics has changed the digital comic book file for King Conan #2, originally published in January The original final page originally looked as below: It has now been redrawn to look like this The text is unchanged.   Why? Well, it all came down to the comic book that follows this one, which has yet to be[...]
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You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. King Conan, Not-Pocahantos and The Daily LITG 4th of March 2022 LITG: King Conan and the ten most-read stories, yesterday Jason Aaron Apologises For Pocahontas Slight, Donates Conan Payment Walker Director Jensen Ackles Facing An Identity Crisis on Set? Marvel Comics Confirms Amazing Spider-Man #900 In June 2022 Ben Grimm, Saved[...]
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Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported social media upset over the recent publication of King Conan #3 from Marvel Comics by writer Jason Aaron, artist Mahmud Asrar, colourist Matthew Wilson, and letterer Travis Lanham. The story featured Princess Matoaka, an American native daughter of a mystical chief, who falls in love with a Western coloniser, before[...]
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In the Marvel comic book title King Conan #3 released two weeks ago, writer Jason Aaron, artist Mahmud Asrar, colourist Matthew Wilson, and letterer Travis Lanham told a Conan story set in a further age than has previously been explored, as the aged Conan finds a woman marooned on an island of the undead –[...]
Cover image for King Conan #2
Conan and his greatest enemy must fight side-by-side in King Conan #2, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics Check out the preview below. King Conan #2 by Jason Aaron & Mahmud Asrar, cover by Mahmud Asrar THE BARBARIAN KING OF AQUILONIA VS THE UNKNOWN! CONAN must make an unholy alliance if he is to continue his journey on[...]
Cover image for King Conan #1
Conan is beginning to rething giving up his throne in this preview of King Conan #1 Well, it was pretty poor timing, given the title of the comic Check out the preview below. King Conan #1 MARVEL COMICS OCT210828 OCT210829 – KING CONAN #1 (OF 6) SAUVAGE VAR – $4.99 OCT210831 – KING CONAN #1 (OF 6) SAKAI VAR –[...]
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Bleeding Cool has a first look at Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar's King Conan #1, with an unlettered preview I bet Jude Terror is bursting at the seams to letter for his own nefarious purposes But maybe it is worth getting it uncluttered without such satirical barbs aimed at Tom Brevoort's collecting of coffee mugs,[...]
Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Matt Wilson Launch King Conan #1 in December
Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Matt Wilson are to launch a second ongoing Conan series from Marvel Comics, set at the end of Conan's life as King Conan, from the 15th of December. The superstar creative team relaunched the tales of the Robert E Howard hero in 2019 to critical acclaim and are back in this[...]
Arnold Schwarzenegger Details the Hold Up on 'King Conan' Project
Long-rumored to be happening, the King Conan / Conan The Conquerer project just hasn't really ever gotten off the ground. Just this past weekend, Schwarzenegger spoke with about what the hold up actually is, and how steadfast he's been in his efforts to get it made. "When it comes to the movie, the sad stuff about all of this is[...]
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Although, you know, he was a bit of a hound too. I think "Jonah's trailer" is what they call the CBR boat docked next to San Diego Comic Con, isn't that right Tomb Raider #2? I'm sorry, King Conan #2, but I can't see Conan on a sailing boat, no matter how detailed the description,  without thinking[...]