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And since we mentioned new assassins, that's who we get to meet in the clip below as Villanelle does her best to pick away at her attempts at an icy demeanor. Jodie Comer as Villanelle and Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in Killing Eve, courtesy BBC America. Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens in Killing Eve, courtesy BBC[...]
Sneak Peek: Beautiful Monster | Killing Eve Sundays at 9pm | BBC America & AMC
Villanelle (Jodie Comer) gets to see what it's like to be "upper management", and guess what? She doesn't like it, so it's time to take Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) up on his plan to run away Small problem: his daughter Irina (Yuli Lagodinsky) is not Villanelle's biggest fan Thankfully, that's nothing a little shared "mom hate"[...]
Jodie Comer as Villanelle, Kim Bodnia as Konstantin Vasiliev - Killing Eve _ Season 3, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle
Which brings us to this week's "End of Game" preview and back into the main storylines, as Villanelle looks to change things up and Eve meets with Niko's (Owen McDonnell) real killer Jodie Comer as Villanelle and Kim Bodnia as Konstantin Vasiliev speak in Killing Eve, courtesy of AMC Networks. Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in Killing[...]
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve, courtesy of BBC America.
Throw in that kiss without any kind of pause for the pair following it, and you can see why they're so easily being used by Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), and Dasha (Harriet Walter) One big problem with that is the personal body count that continues to rise, with Niko (Owen McDonnell) the latest[...]
Here's a look back at Eve and Villanelle's two-season Killing Eve history, courtesy of BBC America.
The bigger problem? Villanelle's sense of peace is based on her belief that Eve is very much dead. Villanelle, Konstantin, Eve, and Carolyn have their own agendas this season on Killing Eve, courtesy of BBC America. Unfortunately for our unique hitwoman, Eve had different thoughts on the whole dying thing so there's no way that won't be[...]
"Killing Eve" Season 3 Teaser Promises Viewers (and Eve & Villanelle) One "Wild Ride"
With Sandra Oh's Eve and Jodie Comer's Villanelle set to return to BBC America and AMC for Killing Eve season 3 on April 26, the networks continue rolling out ways to remind viewers that both of our heroes/anti-heroes' lives will be changed dramatically. Especially after Villanelle dished out a little season finale payback to Eve for[...]
Killing Eve
This season, they're forging ahead and carving out new lives for themselves – but we get the feeling it won't be easy. BBC America In the following teaser, the presence of Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) have us worried that Eve and Villanelle aren't as in control of their "Fates" as they realize… https://youtu.be/ETcfdRKMpGAVideo can't be loaded[...]