Killing Eve: Sally Woodward Gentle on Eve/Villanelle; Updates Season 4

Before going any further, a warning about something we're pretty sure you've figured out by now: there are some major spoiler ahead for the third season finale for BBC America and AMC's Killing Eve. With that out of the way, it was nice to see a season end without either Eve (Sandra Oh) or Villanelle (Jodie Comer) losing significant amounts of blood. In fact, it ended with what we're hoping is the promise of a start for the two (whatever that would mean). That doesn't mean the finale didn't have a body count: Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) put a fresh one between her supervisor Paul's (Steve Pemberton) eyes over his connection to The Twelve. The shady organization also lost assassin Rhian (Alexandra Roach) and Villanelle's handler, Dasha (Harriet Walter), who took some serious damage and never recovered.

A look at the season three finale of Killing Eve, courtesy of BBC America and AMC.
A look at the season three finale of Killing Eve, courtesy of BBC America and AMC.

So as fans' thoughts turn to the upcoming fourth season, series executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle sat down with EW to discuss what went down during "Are You Leading or Am I?" and what it means for the show's future (check out the full review here). Probably the best place to start? That moment when Villanelle and Eve part ways to start new lives, only to end up reaffirming that their bond isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. But was Villanelle really ready to give up Eve? Did she actually go into their deal with the intention of never looking back? Gentle isn't so sure: "She wouldn't help but be tempted because her ego is so massive as well. She needed to have confirmation. And she knew. She was, like, 99.9 percent sure she'd turn around and Eve would be looking at her."

So does this mean that everything we've been assuming about the two is true? That they might be the best (and most twisted) love story going on television today? "Wouldn't that be great? [Laughs] Yeah, that would be lovely. That would be brilliant. But I think that they are. They are entwined and what they've done for each other — because Villanelle has had relationships before, which was significant, with Anna [Susan Lynch], in particular. And I think that when she first met Eve, she probably thought she was another Anna, she was in that mold, she was sort of the person that she's attracted to. She's also attracted by the attention that one person put on her. But as time has gone on, they've both acknowledged that the other sees themselves in a way that nobody else has seen them. And that is really intoxicating and hard to walk away from. Like you said, it's sort of the most f—ed-up, self-destructive, glorious, edifying, ego-fulfilling relationship ever. I think it is really hard to walk away from something [when] somebody sees you in a very unique way that makes you feel like you're a little sunflower in the sunlight. That's really hard to step away from that."

So what about the upcoming fourth season? From the production standpoint, Gentle offered an update that sounded cautiously optimistic for a 2021 return: "Oh, yeah! We haven't taken our foot off the pedal. The writers are in the room now. We should have three episodes written really shortly. We're working to the schedule that we had before, and we will amend it as appropriate when we get closer to the date when we would start filming. We're not going to do anything without people being entirely safe, and we don't really want to compromise the vision for the show, either. So I can absolutely see a way that we could on air in 2021."

As for the question viewers should be thinking about before the series' return, Gentle offers this: "'What do you do when you have to acknowledge to yourself that there's a darkness that you can't push down anymore?' And that's very much an Eve thing." When asked for the "tiniest tease" about Killing Eve season 4, Gentle offered: "Change is possible."

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