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Closer Look at the Upcoming Highlander 5” Figures From Incendium
The movie tells the story of Connor MacLeod, who battles with the deadly and murderous Kurgan Both of them are Highlanders, immortals who can only die from beheading, and of course, there can only be one Incendium has previously shown fans 3D renderings of their previously announced Highlander figure This time we are getting a[...]
Kurgan's Sword From Highlander Sold for $10k, Ramirez Katana for $15k
Some other interesting items that we were keeping an eye on during Profiles in History's Icons & Legends of Hollywood auction this time around included some pretty fabulous swords. Specifically, a pair from Highlander. Sean Connery's Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez katana and Clancy Brown's Kurgan blade. The Ramirez sword went for  $15,360 (USD). 1101[...]