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Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #32 Review: Cool Battle, Little Plot Advancement
Hal Jordan presents his trademark cockiness and determination, and the opening pages present a nice little moment between Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart, as well as between Hal Jordan, his niece, and his nephew. As you would expect, Hal fights to the bitter end against the Dawnbreaker Unfortunately, you don't get to see the[...]
Hal Jordan and the GL Corps #30 cover by Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Wright
He's on par with Sciver and Sandoval, who have been rocking Hal Jordan's artwork up until now. The only complaint I can come up with is that the mouths do look a bit weird from time-to-time. Color artist Jason Wright does some great work here too, and his color art jives with Zircher easily. While I do feel[...]
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[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The massive celestial creature, which Orion calls a golem, is unleashing hell upon Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and Orion, as well as the people of Slyggia, which is the home planet of Salaak of the Green Lantern Corps. Kyle protects Orion as Hal attempts to go one on one with the massive creature[...]
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However, Salaak detects a gravity distortion in a populated sector and sends GL's Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner to investigate. They arrive to find the entire system wiped out, and Orion arrives shortly after He is being hunted by the celestial beings form the beginning, and the two Green Lanterns are going to have to fight[...]
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #24 Review
He reveals the hows and whys of the execution, and the two Lanterns have to decide what to do about the situation. Meanwhile, Soranik Natu confronts Kyle Rayner about the fact that Sarko was their son from the future Soranik is not happy about it. This is one of those issues that you know will shape the[...]
Rebirth Recap: Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth
They summon the White Lantern, Kyle Rayner, to use the former ring of Hal Jordan to bring him back to their realm Resonant effects of Krona's Gauntlet caused Hal to convert into pure green energy at the climax of his fight with Sinestro and put him in a realm with Green Lanterns who passed on[...]
'Rebirth' Recap: Green Lanterns Share Some Buddy Cop Greatness
He figures out that if he can track down the first seven Green Lantern Rings, he may be able to recreate his Travel Lantern. Simon and Jessica are tasked to train with Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner, respectively It proves to be no easy task for them, but they eventually manage to impress both training sergeants. And[...]
Green Lanterns #24 Review: Training Day Ends For Simon And Jessica
Simon is to be trained by Kyle Rayner, and Jessica has had her Lantern insignia taken away until she undergoes training with Guy Gardner Having decked Gardner at the end of last issue, Jessica is having to duke it out with him proper Meanwhile, Simon still has to survive his training, and the Volthoom-possessed Rami[...]
Green Lantern Through 75 Years
Starting off as Alan Scott then going into the silver age as Hal Jordan and then having the ring go to John Stewart, Guy Garner, Kyle Rayner and Simon Baz And since being a Green Lantern is a job title held by many, the list can get very long. DC has put together this video looking[...]
How Lantern Kyle Rayner Is Murdered By The Omega Men
We were told that that the upcoming launch of Omega Men from DC Comics in June would feature the death of Kyle Rayner at their hands But did we believe it?. The Omega Men are back in an all-new series! They've murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner and now, the universe wants them to pay! Who are these[...]