Artist Joel Gomez Celebrates La Muerta Kickstarter Success

Crowdfunding can be a boon to independent creators, allowing fans to essentially pre-order things they want to see. Many creators are conservative in their asks, meticulously covering exact costs and crossing their fingers that things go well. Then again, sometimes things exceed expectations by a huge margin.
Brian Pulido is well known for his Lady Death series and character, which has survived multiple publishers and incarnations when other properties have fallen by the wayside. He's seeking to expand the "Coffinverse" of characters from Coffin Comics with his new graphic novel, La Muerta: Onslaught. He took this idea to Kickstarter with a fairly solid ask of fifteen thousand dollars.
Artist Joel Gomez Celebrates La Muerta Kickstarter Success
Credit: Brian Pulido and Joel Gomez / La Muerta Kickstarter
As of June 7th, with four days to go, the campaign has raised $214,173 from 1,716 backers. Going fourteen times over the original ask, stretch goals are bursting at the seams at this point as fans clamor for this new Latinx-themed adventure into the macabre.
Pulido recruited long-time collaborator, illustrator, and veteran of Top Cow and Wildstorm veteran Joel Gomez as co-plotter alongside crime novelist and comics writer Mike MacLean, also providing plotting and writing efforts. Marshall Dillon, who has a bibliography as long as a bus, joins in on letters with colors from Ceci de la Cruz, whose work has graced the pages of Zenescope, Dynamite, Upper Deck, and more.
When asked about the overwhelming fan turnout, Gomez said, "La Muerta Onslaught has been such a wildly successful campaign, exceeding the number of backers from the previous campaign as surpassing the amount raised from the previous campaign as well by over $70K! It feels like La Muerta & the story of Maria Diaz is catching on with readers!"
Artist Joel Gomez Celebrates La Muerta Kickstarter Success
Credit: Brian Pulido and Joel Gomez / La Muerta Kickstarter
When asked about the character's ethnic roots, Gomez said, "It's awesome to be able to work on a story with roots firmly steeped in Mexican culture, from the barrio streets to the hidden Mayan temple ruins featured in our stories. Brian Pulido and Mike Maclean have their finger on the pulse of what makes this character so special. It's great to see things like La llorona & the mystical arts of Brujeria featured in our crime-noir, bullet-laden stories of La Muerta. It's a fusion lovingly referred to by Brian & Mike as 'Mexi-noir!'"
Gomez continued, "I don't think there's anything out there quite like it! So, if you love gun-toting, bad-ass leading ladies in a crime-noir story with a supernatural twist, please, give La Muerta a try!"
The creators have pledged to honor all the backer rewards, even if you get on the bandwagon at the last minute. Rewards ship out to the appropriate levels in September, including campaign stickers, foil logo enhancements, commemorative cards, and more.
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