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'Preacher' Preview: Herr Starr Schools Humperdoo as Allfather Eyes Jesse
Credit: AMC Meanwhile, back at The Grail… So while Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Tulip (Ruth Negga) are busy figuring out a way for Jesse to break his blood compact with his "anti-grandma" Madame L'Angell (Betty Buckley) before Jody (Jeremy Childs) and TC (Colin Cunningham) break them, Herr Starr's (Pip Torrens) moving on with "Plan A": Humperdoo (Tyson[...]
Preacher Rewind 302: A Look Back at Bleeding Cool's 'Sonsabitches' Review
Credit: AMC For what it's worth? Jesse's (Dominic Cooper) plan seemed pretty solid: trick Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) into believing that Jesse wants to be his "messiah;" get his piece of soul back; take out The Grail and The L'Angells… a pretty solid and straightforward plan, right? See, that's the problem with "plans"… because Tulip (Ruth[...]
Taking Confession 302: Bleeding Cool's 'Preacher' Season 3 Live-Blog!
Credit: AMC From a flashback to Jesse's mother's time at Angelville with Madame L'Angelle (Betty Buckley), Jody (Jeremy Childs), and TC (Colin Cunnigham) to Tulip's (Ruth Negga) "sitcom-starring" time in Purgatory and creepy instructions from doG (yup) to "Get those…," Preacher got the season rolling strong with a premiere that unspooled a number of interesting storyline[...]