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New York Toy Fair: 150+ Pics From LEGO: Toy Story, Star Wars, and More!

But I am loving the minifigs, and the sets have some cool bells and whistles that also have some look and feel like at Toy Story Land at Disney World.[gallery columns="2" ids="989641,989642,989644,989645,989646,989647,989648,989649,989650"]We also got a great look at two more new LEGO Movie 2 sets, the Rexcelsior and Queen Whatevra's Space Palace Both feature a[...]

LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelsior Set 1

LEGO Reveals Huge LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelsior Set

LEGO Movie 2 is hitting theaters in February, and ahead of its release one of the bigger sets from the film has been revealed The LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelsior will consist of 1,826 bricks and features two minifigures: Stubble Trouble Emmet and Rex Dangervest, both voiced in the film by Chris Pratt Microfigures of each[...]

LEGO and Universal have entered a new partnership.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Will Appear in 'The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part'

Supreme Court Justice (and social media darling) Ruth Bader Ginsberg is joining The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.In a report from USA Today, The LEGO Movie producers/screenwriters/directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord  revealed RBG would be appearing in the upcoming sequel block-busting film for Warner Bros Pictures. LEGO Movie 2 director Mike Mitchell said: “We just were trying to think of people who[...]

LEGO Movie 2 Benny's Space Squad 9

LEGO Fans Must Pick Up the New Benny's Space Squad Set

Taking that to heart, the new LEGO Movie 2 sets are starting to hit stores, and we got our hands on our most anticipated one: Benny's Space Squad! Let's take a look at the build for this one, and why it is a must-buy.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="967393,967385,967386,967387"]At 68 pieces, this is not a large build[...]

LEGO Unveils Huge LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg Set

LEGO Movie 2 comes out next month, and today LEGO sent over a look at the largest LEGOM Movie set they have ever made Say hello to the Welcome to Apocalypseburg set! This one come in at over 3000 bricks, 12 new minifigures, and full 360 degree playability The Statue of Liberty part of the[...]

BC Toy Spotting Collage

BC Toy Spotting: Fortnite, Funko, LEGO Movie 2, Star Wars, WWE, and More!

Hot Topics the new Pennywise Funko plush, and Walmarts have begun to receive new figures from the Netflix series Super Monsters.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="959067,959066"]The first LEGO sets from the LEGO Movie 2 have begun to leak out I found these at Walmart in a giant display, and by the next day they were all gone.[gallery[...]

LEGO Movie 2 Sets Collage

LEGO reveals Many, Many LEGO Movie 2 Sets, Available December 26th

LEGO movie 2 is coming to theaters early next year, and LEGO is wasting no time revealing the new sets from the film The new trailer debuted today, and shortly thereafter they sent over the pics and details on the many, many sets they are making available starting on December 26th Check out all of[...]

The LEGO Movie 2 poster

First Trailer for The LEGO Movie 2 Hits, Aftermath of Taco Tuesday

In a world of bricks and blocks, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part has a lot to live up to The first film was such a pleasant surprise from the team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, utilizing a special brand of humor with one of the most instantly recognizable toys ever.This morning, the first trailer for the The[...]

The LEGO Movie sequel

Chris Lord And Phil Miller Returning To Rewrite The LEGO Movie Sequel

Lin confirmed that the entire team is getting back together for The LEGO Movie Sequel now that Phil Lord and Chris Miller have some free time: "We are going to The LEGO Movie 2 The team is all back together, so it’s [Phil] Lord and [Chris] Miller, myself and Chris McKay Mike Mitchell is the new[...]

The LEGO Movie sequel

LEGO Movie 2 Aims To Stay Awesome With Director Change

The LEGO Movie was a huge success when it came out a couple years ago. A sequel was quickly announced and scheduled for May 2018, and that was followed by a LEGO Batman Movie as well (check out Rich's review here!). Since then, the project has been in a bit of trouble, with the original […]