New York Toy Fair: 150+ Pics From LEGO: Toy Story, Star Wars, and More!

We were lucky enough to be shown around the LEGO booth this morning, and guys and gals: there is so much LEGO goodness to come this year. Star Wars anniversaries, new Jurassic World sets, one of the coolest uses of AR tech yet, 50 years of Duplo, and THE coolest LEGO set of all-time. Let's dive in to the awesomeness!

This is the coolest LEGO set of all-time. The LEGO Ideas Flintstones set is now a reality that you can hold in your hand starting March 1. Fred, Braney, Wilma, and Betty will come with the Flinstones house, complete with mailbox and the car and a dinosaur rib! There are sooooo many touches that fans are going to go gaga over. I cannot wait to get my hands on this set, I don't think I have ever lusted over a LEGO set this much. Expect a full review when this one hits.

Moving on to non-Flintstones sets, there are two new LEGO Architecture: San Francisco and Paris. The San Fran set is cool, it has the recently completed Saleforce Tower. These are a ton of fun to build, and I treat them as goals: I only buy the set after I have visited the place. This may be why I have so few of them, but some day!


The huge thing for LEGO at the booth this year is their new line called Hidden Side. With a moe spooky feel to these sets, kids and adults can build them and then use an AR app on their device to help unlock interactive elements on the sets themselves. The demo I was shown featured tons of interaction not just with the mobile device, but on play features located on the set, so you get a great balance of real-world play mixing with the digital side. There will be eight sets in all, and even those separate from the app feature hidden elements, like the beasty parts that pop out of the high school.

Newer LEGO Creator sets were on display, and are always a fun set to just grab and mae all of the different combinations. LEGO Ninjago also had a big presence, with new Spinjitzu Spinners adding a fun element of playability to the bricks. One of the big things LEGO seems to be incorporating into more and more of their products is added playability. Everyone knows how to build with LEGO, but these added layers to the toy bring great value to some of the more static sets lets say.

That is pretty evident in this years City sets, with the Fire and Police sets incorporating new elements like an air cannon to put out fires and parachuting patrolman that you can literally dump out of the bottom of a plane.

LEGO Friends and Disney Princess lines keep going strong. Friends has new Heart Box sets to hold your minifig and accessories inside, and new Disney Princesses sets help celebrate the various anniversaries of some films, including Sleeping Beauty. The Aladdin set is particularly cool, I like the magic carpet.

Speaking of Disney, LEGO's first ever Toy Story sets are being released this spring. Everyone's favorite characters will be there, along with the new ones seen in the trailer so far. This is not all of the sets that will be available, as some are story specific. But I am loving the minifigs, and the sets have some cool bells and whistles that also have some look and feel like at Toy Story Land at Disney World.

We also got a great look at two more new LEGO Movie 2 sets, the Rexcelsior and Queen Whatevra's Space Palace. Both feature a tons of interactive parts and pieces, and it is hard to top a bachelors lounge for Batman. The ship has all kinds of hatch and side openings, and includes adorable baby raptors that fit inside all.

LEGO is also celebrating 50 years of the Duplo brick this year, with many sets planned throughout 2019. While I have not been able to track them down yet personally, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ones look adorable, and I can't wait to get and give as gifts those Toy Story ones. Between my youth and my daughter's we will always have a special place in our hearts for the Duplo brick, and I am glad that it gets to celebrate its history this year.

Hot on the heels of the announcement earlier this week that they will be doing a new LEGO Jurassic World animated show set before the events of the Jurassic World film series, these new dino-sets include new to brick dinosaurs and new interactive pieces, like the collapsable fence that triceratops is stomping on. I can't wait for these.

Finally, wrapping up with LEGO Star Wars, they are celebrating their 20th year working together! Special sets will be released paying homage to some of their most popular sets, including the Slave-1 and Snowspeeder. Each will also come with an original minifig from those first sets, identical to the first release except for an anniversary logo on their back. They will come in vintage style packaging as well. Star Wars Resistance is getting two sets, and a new line called Action Attack is coming , with fireable parts that you aim at targets. I am particularly excited about the Endor set because: Ewoks.

All in all, LEGO continues to have one of the best line-ups in the entire toy industry. I love all the interactivity being incorporated into their lines, and any company that is going to give me a bucket list item like that Flintstones house is ok in my book.


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