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All Four Distributors Together For The First Time At ComicsPRO
Cebulski will be there to pass it on to David Gabriel. Flickr: /Jiuguang Wang  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Companies planning to attend will include 2000 AD/Rebellion Publising, A Wave Blue World, Anomaly Productions, Bad Idea Comics, Battle Quest Comics, BCW Supplies, BINC, Book County Clearance House, Boom Studios, CEX Publishing, Comic Shop Assistant, Comic Hub, DC,[...]
Monomyth by David Hazan and Cecillia Lo Valvo is the new series launching from Mad Cave Studios in their May 2023 solicits and solicitations A horror series set in a magical fantasy land, from the co-creator of Nottingham, it is joined by the latest issues of Exorcists Never Die, Don"t Spit in the Kind, Hunt[...]
Nature's Labyrinth in Mad Cave Studios' November 2022 Solicitations
Zac Thompson and Bayleigh Underwood's Nature's Labyrinth launches in Mad Cave Studios' November 2022 solicits and solicitations, a peaceful-looking island that has been built to murder you And joined by A Legacy Of Violence, Battlecats, Tiger's Tongue, and now all those Papercutz books too! Smurftastic! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border:[...]
Cover image for FCBD 2022 NOTTINGHAM SPECIAL (MR)
In May, Mad Cave Studios will publish a Nottingham Special to give away, but in March they have more Nottingham, as well as The Last Session, Bountiful Garden, Speed Republic, and Wolvenheart in their March 2022 solicits and solicitations. FCBD 2022 NOTTINGHAM SPECIAL (MR) MAD CAVE STUDIOS JAN220027 (W) David Hazan (A / CA) Andrea Mutti A very Merry Christmas[...]
Mad Cave Studios will have the latest issues of Battlecats, Bountiful Garden, The Last Session, and Wolvenheart, for their January 2022 solicitations. BATTLECATS VOL 3 #7 MAD CAVE STUDIOS NOV211539 (W) Mark London (A / CA) Michael Camelo With Valderia on the brink of civil war, it's up to the reunited Battlecats to quell Valadar's uprising! Secrets will be revealed,[...]
Full Free Comic Book Day 2021 Solicitations
Ivy Noelle Weir and Kelly Williams have a brand new series launching from Mad Cave Studios in May, but will be getting a Free Comic Book Day edition for August 14th Here's a look, as well as everything Mad Cave is soliciting for June 2021 as well. FCBD 2021 BOUNTIFUL GARDEN #1 MAD CAVE STUDIOS APR210030 (W) Ivy Noelle[...]
Midnight Task Force #1 cover by Alejandro Giraldo
I look forward to what Mad Cave Studios can bring to the scene in the long haul, but I can't recommend Midnight Task Force #1. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Major Aiden McCormick is the squad leader of a unit colloquially known as the Midnight Task Force On their final mission, all but McCormick is killed, and[...]
Battlecats #2 cover by Andy King and Julian Gonzalez
The Battlecats face an old foe that leaves one of their number badly hurt. Shaken, the finally reach the land of La Marque. Their quest is far from over, and La Marque is full of deadly creatures. Does it make for a good read?
Battlecats #1 cover by Andy King
The glowing eyes are a particularly nice touch. Battlecats #1 is an underwhelming opening from the Mad Cave Studios title While the premise of cat-people warriors is a good one upon which to build your comic, there's nothing especially creative done with it The action sequences are good, but they overwhelm the comic It's not so[...]