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Dark Horse To Publish Mafiosa Graphic Novel
The first issue was successfully crowdfunded and now Dark Horse Comics is going to publish the full Mafiosa graphic novel. Here's the Kickstarter description. The Marchesi brothers, Carlo, Matteo and Tommaso, are three first generation Sicilian Americans who, with their extended families, establish a Mafia family in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900s. Nicoletta Marchesi is the[...]
Mafia II will always be a fantastic option for any open world gaming fan.
In 2010, Mafia II swiftly took over my life from the moment I tried it at PAX East 2010 to the instant it hit my Xbox 360's disc drive It's since been remastered a decade later for modern gamers to get a chance at playing through the semi-open world adventure, and remains a favorite in my book,[...]
The Mafia trilogy is getting a series of remasters with more info coming next week.
The Mafia series is making its triumphant return in the coming days with a new remaster for current-get consoles Publisher 2K Games and developer Hangar 13 just announced the upcoming Mafia: Trilogy with a short teaser trailer showing off the three protagonists across each game and a date: May 19th, 2020. On May 19th, we can[...]
Mafia could be making a comeback, if its Twitter account is any indication.
It looks like there could potentially be a new Mafia title in the works, if a new post to the official Mafia Twitter account is any indication On May 10, the morning of Mother's Day, the account whirred to life with one simple word: "Family." This new post could indicate that the Definitive Edition of Mafia[...]
Mafia III Gameplay Video Shows Off 15 Minutes Of The Game In Motion
Mafia III might be my most anticipated game this holiday period There are lots of great big AAA games coming, but there seems to be a lot going on under the hood for this one. The setting, time period and thematic undertones all seem pretty unique, and you can see that delicious cocktail come together in[...]
Mafia III's Voodoo Queen Gets An Introductory Trailer
In Mafia III, you are going to be juggling a lot of property and promises between three bosses who help you build your empire It's a neat mechanic, and can end up with your former 'family' members turning on you to kill you. You can get a look at one of the trinity here, with Cassandra,[...]
Mafia III's E3 Trailer Has Hit And It's Quite Excellent
Mafia III has continually surprised since it was announced It has shown a huge ambition to create what looks like a culturally rich landscape. 2K have now released their E3 trailer too, showing the world we are going to be diving into this year This trailer has so much style and texture to it, in a[...]
Mafia III Gets A Release Date And New Trailer
Mafia III looks really quite interesting Everything we've seen out of the 2K game leads me to believe there is a really serious tone to it, not so much about glorifying the actions, but rather depicting them in all their awfulness. And I definitely get that vibe from this new trailer There is all kinds of[...]
Take-Two Says Mafia III And GTA Are Completely Different Experiences
The Mafia series has long stood in the shadow of Grand Theft Auto, what with it being a crime focused open world experience It also has the misfortune of being under the same publisher, which in the past has pushed it even further away from Rockstar's flagship title. According to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick during an investor[...]
Mafia III Trailer Is Bleak But Hints At Deeply Interesting Game
Mafia III was announced a few days ago and we were then promised a full reveal today That finally came in the way of a very interesting looking cinematic trailer. The game takes place in 1968 in New Orleans, and you take on the role of Lincoln Clay It seems this dude is pretty serious about[...]