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"Friday Night Magic" on "Magic: The Gathering Arena"

Wizards of the Coast has announced that their well-established weekly institution, Friday Night Magic, will be hosted digitally on Magic: The Gathering Arena, via local hobby stores. This announcement comes soon after another announcement detailing the actions Wizards of the Coast is taking to combat any lack of productivity or recreation in the face of COVID-19, […]

"Magic: The Gathering Arena" Planning New Innovations for 2020

"Magic: The Gathering Arena" Planning New Innovations for 2020

Magic: the Gathering has been a worldwide phenomenon, with the card game debuting at GenCon in 1993 and only growing in scope from there. It's a game with over 35 million players. So, when the digital age began and e-sports emerged as a major form of entertainment, Wizards of the Coast got on the bandwagon with Magic: […]

"Magic: The Gathering" Is Offering A Planeswalker Deck Giveaway In Arena

"Magic: The Gathering" Offers A Planeswalker Deck Giveaway In Arena

Those of you playing Magic: The Gathering Arena might be interested in picking up a brand new deck this week totally free from the devs. The company announced this week on Twitter that they're offering a free Planeswalker deck for MTGA with no strings attached. All you have to do is download the game and […]

Magic: The Gathering Introduces A New Mulligan System

Magic: The Gathering Introduces A New Mulligan System

Wizards of the Coast have implemented a brand new change to the mulligan rules today for Magic: The Gathering that will go across all forms gameplay. The news broke this morning as part of the new Core Set 2020 as they're introducing it to all competitive formats. They originally tested this at the Mythic Championship […]

War of the Spark Chronicles Event is Coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena

War of the Spark Chronicles is Coming to MTG Arena

Wizards of the Coast released details today for War of the Spark Chronicles, a free multi-week event for Magic: The Gathering Arena where players can explore the history of Magic: The Gathering and earn exclusive cosmetic rewards in the process. Taking place from May 23rd to June 28th, War of the Spark Chronicles will provide MTG Arena players the opportunity […]

The Magic Pro League Adds Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen and Jessica Estephan

The Magic Pro League Adds Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen and Jessica Estephan

The official Magic: The Gathering Arena esports league, the Magic Pro League, has announced two major additions to the 2019 roster by adding Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen and Jessica Estephan. Savjz is a current player on Team Liquid who has done well at MTG Arena by achieving the elusive Mythic #1 ranking in the game. Estephan is the first […]

Magic: The Gathering – War of the Spark Official Teaser

Wizards of the Coast Teases Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark for NY Toy Fair

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have teased the upcoming expansion for Magic: The Gathering just ahead of New York Toy Fair. However, the official reveal for the expansion won't be hitting us until PAX East in late March. The card pack will also release in Magic: The Gathering Arena this spring to keep the digital version of MTG […]

MTG Arena: Singleton Weekend Trailer (Official)

Magic The Gathering: Arena is Celebrating Valentine's a Bit Early

Magic The Gathering: Arena is hosting a Valentine's Weekend tournament hosted by Danny Trejo and Day[9]. Called the Singelton Weekend, the tournament is very clearly for the "forever alone" MTG crowd. That said, it will be a fun way to celebrate the holiday in-game, since this weekend also marks the 0.12 version release. Details for the tournament […]

Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Trading Card Game

It's weird how trading card games rise and fall in popularity over the years. A name we were surprised to see make a resurgence this year was Magic: The Gathering. Not like MTG ever vanished or took time out from its regular pace, but we've noticed in 2018 that the series has found a bit […]

Official Esports Announce | The World Will Know Trailer

Wizards of the Coast Announces $10 Million 'Magic the Gathering' E-Sports League

Magic the Gathering fans, you might have a whole new way to buy your cards! Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast just announced Magic the Gathering: Arena, a brand new E-Sports event with $10 million at stake! Check out the announcement trailer: The MPL features 32 of the top-ranked Magic players, with members offered play […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena Will Unlock Direct Challenge on Thursday

Wizards of the Coast will finally unlock a piece of gameplay in the Magic: The Gathering Arena beta that people have been asking for since day one. Direct Challenge will officially be added to the game this Thursday, November 15th, when the developers crack it open and add in a fresh new update. The way DC […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena to Add Direct Challenge and Streamer Events

Magic: The Gathering Arena has caught fire with fans of the game so quickly that some changes are coming to the game sooner than you think! This morning it was announced that the game would be getting two major upgrades. The first is Direct Challenge, in which you'll be able to take on your friends as long […]

Become The Wizard: We Try Out Magic: The Gathering Arena's Beta

A while ago, Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be launching a new online game service called Magic: The Gathering Arena. A brand new system that would bring the classic trading card game back to online competition with what appeared to be a streamlined system. As someone who plays Magic: The Gathering, has known the […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena Launches the Live Beta Today

Those of you who have been waiting to try out the new Magic: The Gathering Arena beta for yourselves, good news! The beta is officially live today. Wizards of the Coast officially made the servers live and players have already started rushing into fights from North America, Europe, Australia, and South America. Here's a brief quote […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena Open Beta Test Phase Announced

Wizards of the Coast has announced the Open Beta launch date for Magic: The Gathering Arena, which is their free-to-play digital version of Magic: The Gathering. For the past few months, Arena has been played only in Closed Beta by select Magic: The Gathering fans, but it will finally open up to everyone on September 27, 2018. The […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena Will Feature Standard Format in June

Wizards of the Coast is updating their free-to-play digital card game Magic: The Gathering Arena to embrace the full 70-card Standard Format play. So now both Magic enthusiasts and hardcore competative players can play in the most popular version of MTG. Additionally, cards from the Kaledesh and Aether Revolt blocks, along with cards from the 2017 Welcome Decks, will be added to Magic: […]

Wizards of the Coast Have Plumbed the Depths of MTG Arena's Economy

  Today, Wizards of the Coast took to their blog to discuss the economy of Magic: The Gathering Arena, the process of collecting cards and rewards for play, and Wizards' philosophy on developing the in-game economy and how things will change throughout Arena's beta experience. It's actually something of a fascinating read about what it's like […]

'Magic: The Gathering Arena' To Start Closed Beta In December

Wizards Of The Coast would like you to try out Magic: The Gathering Arena as soon as possible, and you're going to get your chance as a closed beta will be starting on December 4th. You can sign up for the beta here, but essentially this is to work out the kinks after they did initial testing […]