Wizards of the Coast Announces $10 Million 'Magic the Gathering' E-Sports League

Magic the Gathering fans, you might have a whole new way to buy your cards! Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast just announced Magic the Gathering: Arena, a brand new E-Sports event with $10 million at stake!

Check out the announcement trailer:

The MPL features 32 of the top-ranked Magic players, with members offered play and streaming contracts worth $75,000. Weekly MPL match-ups will be streamed with MTG Arena, which lead to the newly-minted Mythic Championship events.

"Our new program embraces each of these principles and doubles down on the opportunity for players, pros and partners alike with a $10 million prize pool and a Mythic Championship system that spans Magic tabletop and MTG Arena with multiple paths to qualify via in-game play on Arena and our 50-city Grand Prix system in 2019," Chris Cocks, President and CEO of Wizards of the Coast told Newsweek. "We also have reserved significant prize money support for partner funded events that will extend opportunities to compete and play at more events throughout the year."

MTG Arena is now in open beta on PC, and is free to download. More details on the MPL and Mythic Championship events will be released in early 2019.

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