Mandrake the Magician

Inside The Art Of Mandrake The Magician #3

Here we have a few pages from King: Mandrake The Magician #3 showing the process art by Felipe Cunha and Ivan Rodriguez with colors by Omi Remalante These are from a script by Roger Langridge. Impossible dungeons! The world's leaders are bowing to the evil oppression of The Great Cobra! Can Mandrake and his witch companion[...]

Jeremy Treece's Process Art For King: Mandrake The Magician #2

We have a look at the process art from Dynamite's miniseries King: Mandrake the Magician #2 The art is by Jeremy Treece with colors by Omi Remalante from a script by Roger Langridge. This series ties in with the other King miniseries featuring The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim and Prince Valiant. PSYCHIC FIRE! Mandrake's home is[...]

First Look Inside King: Mandrake The Magician #1

Here we have some interior pages from the upcoming King Features Crossover series from Dynamite, King: Mandrake the Magician The book is being written by Roger Langridge and drawn by Jeremy Treece with a first issue cover by Darwyn Cooke.For more on King: Mandrake The Magician #1, click here.Here we have some interior pages from[...]

"He Was First!" – Roger Langridge Talks Mandrake The Magician

Part of that event is a Mandrake the Magician series written by Roger Langridge Byron Brewer chatted with the writer about taking on such a classic character.BYRON BREWER: Roger, what is there about Mandrake that separates him from all the other magic-based characters in comicdom (Dr Strange, Dr Fate, etc.)? And please do not answer,[...]

Exclusive First Look Inside Mandrake The Magician From Dynamite

Dynamite is doing a big crossover event featuring five characters from King Features Syndicate: Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Prince Valiant, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician Each character will get a five-issue miniseries before its all pulled together into one series Here we get the first look at some interior pages from Mandrake The Magician by Jeremy Treece[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Kings Watch Part I By Jeff Parker And Marc Laming

It's a Dynamite series written by Jeff Parker and art by Marc Laming and combines the classic characters of Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician (Marvel published it as the Defenders of the Earth years ago.) The first five issues of the series have been collected in a trade and it comes out[...]