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2023 Games For Change Festival For July In NYC
Multiple people have signed on to be a part of the physical conference happening from July 18th-20th in Manhattan, speaking on a number of different subjects We have the list for you below as tickets to attend are still on sale. Credit: Games For Change Jeffrey Burrell (Head of Social Impact, Riot Games) will discuss how Riot Games[...]
Media Reports Of Riots in Manhattan - In Amazing Spider-Man
Yesterday, anticipating considerable disquiet regarding the Presidential election, stores in midtown Manhattan began boarding up their windows Not Midtown Comics (it's on a second floor) but all around Times Square The New York Times reported "The sidewalk outside the Disney Store in Times Square was filled not with captivated children sporting mouse ears but with[...]
Fantastic Four #25 Changes New York In The Marvel Universe
Basically, Marvel has turned New York into a combination of both the great Boys Own adventure stories of colonisation and exploration – and the ultimate Ellis Island/Hellmouth, where anything can, and will, come to our world – and right into the centre of Manhattan Island It smacks of Stan and Jack's original version of the[...]
All Available Daily Show Tickets Suddenly Snapped Up
Writing Bleeding Cool in Manhattan rather than London Popping into Midtown rather than Orbital And meeting different people for drinks. Making initial plans last week, I decided to book tickets to see The Daily Show being recorded They were plentiful, but I am so glad I did. After the news about John Stewart leaving the Daily Show,[...]
Trailer For New WGN Series Manhattan
We've got the trailer for the new WGN America series Manhattan that looks at the lives of the scientists pulled together to build the first atomic bomb The show stars: John Benjamin Hickey, Rachel Brosnahan and Katja Herbers and premiers this Sunday at 9pm. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
D-Day For DC Comics Tomorrow
Tomorrow is the day when DC Comics staff working in the New York offices at 1700 Broadway will have to make a decision about what they'll be doing in
Comics Industry Reacts To DC Comics' Decision To Go West
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics was heading west, from Manhattan to Burbank. Forty minutes later, DC Comics sent a letter out to staff and media confirming the story – and with the side benefit also helping make sure no other media outlet needed to credit Bleeding Cool An unnamed ex-DC exec[...]
New Manhattan Midtown Comic Store To Open
It appears that Jim Hanley's Universe and Midtown Comics are about to have a new neighbour. Montasy Comics in Forest Hills, NY (yes, the real life home of Peter Parker) is opening a new branch of their comic store in Manhattan. The Twitter feed @MontasyMidtown seems to confirm the rumour, with the location picture, to the left. Oh,[...]
Jim Hanley's Universe Becomes Part Of A Much Larger Comic Book
And, as his book goes on sale at Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan, he has added his latest panel to the store itself, permanently. Look for its appearance, as part of a longer story, in Volume 2… [vimeo][/vimeo] Alberto Serrano, as Tito na Rua, is a master of graffiti storytelling Telling the story of Joe Nobody and[...]
Sean Von Gorman In Chains Outside Forbidden Planet
He has chained himself outside Forbidden Planet in Manhattan until all the copies of his new comic, The Secret Adventures of Houdini, have sold out It has yet to sell out It has, however, been raining. Online sales count as well Go on, help him out Otherwise he'll be there all night And all next night[...]
Handcuffing Yourself To Forbidden Planet To Sell A Comic
Tomorrow at 1pm, Sean Von Gorman will handcuff himself to a traffic light outside Forbidden Planet in Manhattan, to promote the newly available The Secret Adventures of Houdini. He will remain handcuffed there until every last copy is sold This includes online sales. The rain is due to come down at 4pm… Can everyone just wait until 5pm[...]
New York's Big Apple Wizard World Comic Con Programming Schedule
Look for people on his books like Julian McMahon, Ken Watanabe, Chris Hemsworth, Cobie Smulders and Yeardley Smith to start appearing at Wizard World events. But for now, here's a look at the programming for the upcoming Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con at Penn Plaza Pavilion in Manhattan on MAy the 21st and 22nd ,[...]
For The Women Of DC Comics
Last week, nOir NYC Jewelry held a launch party for a new range of jewelry. And much of it seems to be based on, and will trademark coverage of, DC Comics