Master X Master

2017 Games Countdown #4: Master X Master Launch Trailers

A title that launched with a big burst of anticipation which ultimately dissipated, you can get the cradle to grave story of Master X Master from the original post here, and then read up on the game's closure here. If you'd like some insight into why the MOBA didn't take off despite the best attempts […]

NCSoft Announces The Imminent Closure Of MOBA Master X Master

NCSOFT announced the closure of their multiplayer online battle arena Master X Master which will take effect in January. The game released this summer, and despite having a rather interesting setup (you get to control two characters in a tag-team) and bringing in a ton of characters from NCSoft's other titles including the defunct City of Heroes, […]

MXM's Ranked Pre-Season Is Here As Is A New Character

NCSoft announced this morning that the MXM Ranked Preseason is now live, which will bring with it a brand new challenge for MXM competitive play. Players will battle each other on the Titan Ruins 5v5 battlefield for top spots on the MXM leaderboards as they rise up in ranks to claim fantastic rewards. The top 100 […]

Master X Master Review: Not Your Usual MOBA, But It Also Isn't Quite Different Enough

NCSoft's multiplayer online battle arena Master X Master is an interesting take on the usual MOBA. For one, it has something of a single-player storyline. That doesn't quite make it unique, but that is a bit different from your usual MOBA formula. MXM also allows you to use two characters at once, called "masters"; these characters are mostly […]

The Latest MxM Trailer Brings In Ghost Widow From City Of Villains

The latest trailer for NCSoft's new MOBA, Master X Master, brings in another crossover character. This time, we get a chance to look at City of Villains' Ghost Widow up close and personal. Originally a signature villain from the NCSOFT MMO City of Villains, Ghost Widow is a terrifying Nuker who can strip enemy buffs […]

Master X Master Has Several Launch Videos For You

NCSOFT's MOBA, Master X Master has finally launched, and to commemorate the release, the game got several launch videos, including a "What is MXM?" video to help inform the general public of what to expect from the game. As for the answer to that inexplicable question? Master X Master (MXM) is an Action MOBA that combines direct character […]

NCSOFT's MOBA Master X Master Now Has A Release Date

NCSOFT, the company that gave you Guild Wars and City of Heroes, has finally announced the launch date for their upcoming MOBA Master x Master. The game is set to launch on June 21st. If you took part in the closed beta test for the game, you'll notice some improvements at launch. NCSOFT Has promised that they've taken player […]

MasterxMaster Is Now In Closed Beta And It Won't Cost You A Thing To Join In

The closed beta for NCSOFT's upcoming MOBA Master X Master (MXM) is now live and will run through April 27. Anyone who'd like to test out a solid MOBA with a twist can join in to play through PvE stages, minigames, several different PvP modes, and get a chance to relive their City of Heroes days by playing as The […]

Master X Master Brings Back The Statesman From City Of Heroes

NCSOFT's MOBA Master X Master has changed quite a bit in the year or so it's been sitting in development. Several features are the same, but there are also quite a number of changes. Most notably, the maps offer a lot more cover than they used to, and the gameplay has gotten much more intuitive. MXM […]