Master X Master Brings Back The Statesman From City Of Heroes


NCSOFT's MOBA Master X Master has changed quite a bit in the year or so it's been sitting in development. Several features are the same, but there are also quite a number of changes. Most notably, the maps offer a lot more cover than they used to, and the gameplay has gotten much more intuitive.

MXM is getting a closed beta test ahead of it's summer launch. It'll run from April 6 through April 27, giving players quite a nice amount of time to play around, find bugs and balance issues, and report back. It also gives the development team more than enough time to implement changes and run bug fixes.


For those of you still upset by the cancellation of City of Heroes, you might be getting some familiar faces back. By which I mean, The Statesman has already made his way to Master X Master. Yep, that was the big reveal for PAX East 2017 on the MXM front. And we may be seeing more City of Heroes characters come to the MOBA in the future. For now, it's just Statesman.

Statesman is a melee fighter specializing in damage mitigation. As the press release reads, "Dull Pain and Flying Haymaker make him an immovable object, while Zeus's Bolts and Foot Stomp make him an unstoppable force." Meanwhile, his ultimate ability, Heroism, lasts a full eight seconds and massively boosts his mobility and range. It also augments his other skills as well.


While the Statesman (or Captain Superman as I've always thought of him) is the first City of Heroes character to make his way to MXM, this is not the first time NCSOFT has ported one of their other characters into the MOBA. Several Blade & Soul characters have made the jump already.'

If you want to join the closed beta for MXM, you can sign up here.

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