MasterxMaster Is Now In Closed Beta And It Won't Cost You A Thing To Join In


The closed beta for NCSOFT's upcoming MOBA Master X Master (MXM) is now live and will run through April 27. Anyone who'd like to test out a solid MOBA with a twist can join in to play through PvE stages, minigames, several different PvP modes, and get a chance to relive their City of Heroes days by playing as The Statesman. MXM allows for full WASD controls and has the unique bonus of giving players the ability to bring two characters to the battlefield and freely swap between the two (with a small cooldown counter). The game is completely free to play, and players can register to sign up and play here.

During the closed beta, players will also gain access to exclusive giveaways, contests and promotions, as well as earn the priceless bragging rights that come with knowing they had a direct influence on the final game, set to launch this summer. Because NCSOFT will actually be taking feedback from players and use it to make sure the game launches as bug-free as possible. Really does make you wonder why proper beta testing periods aren't much of a thing anymore, huh?


There are also three different types of "Founder's Packs" now available to purchase for MXM. The packs are not required in order to get beta access, but do exist for those who want to get some extra masters, skins, items, and titles. For those who do purchase a pack during the closed beta timeframe, they will be able to use the respective contents of whichever pack they purchase. The quick details of each Pack are below:

Recruit Pack – $19.99

  • Masters: Cagnazzo, Taejin, Innowin, Demenos
  • Skins: Steampunk Innowin, DevKit Innowin
  • Unique Title: Battle Tested

Solider Pack – $59.99
All the Recruit Pack content plus:

  • Masters: Jinsoyun, Sonid, Vita, Ignuma
  • Skins: Inmate Cagnazzo
  • Starter Kit: Gold Booster T-2 (3 days); XP Booster T-2 (3 days); Auto-Collector (3 days); Life Charger (x3); Noah Recovery Kit (x3); Noah Burst Heal Kit  (x3)
  • Unique Title: Sol Warrior
  • Name reservation

Master Pack – $99.99
All the Recruit/Soldier Pack content plus:

  • Masters: Statesman, Vonak, Lilu, Maia, Jingtai, Nedien, Moro
  • Skins: Mobster Taejin, Little Dragon Jingtai, Lifeguard Vonak
  • Unique Title: Scourge of Atlas
  • Digital Soundtrack: Immediate download

These bonus packs can be used immediately in-game during the closed beta period. There will be a full server wipe following the test, but players who purchase Founder's Packs will get a fresh one at launch. So, not a bad purchase if you want to spend money. Granted, you can play the whole game free and never purchase a thing, so, it is entirely up to you.

I was last able to get my hands on MxM back during PAX East, and I have to say, the ability to switch characters in the middle of a match is both a bonus and a way to confuse the hell out of you. But it's still pretty darn fun. The ability to run PVE stages as well is also pretty nice. So I'd definitely recommend checking this closed beta out. Not like it's going to cost you a thing.

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