2017 Games Countdown #4: Master X Master Launch Trailers

A title that launched with a big burst of anticipation which ultimately dissipated, you can get the cradle to grave story of Master X Master from the original post here, and then read up on the game's closure here. If you'd like some insight into why the MOBA didn't take off despite the best attempts NCSOFT made by bringing back City of Heroes characters like The Statesman, you can check out my review of the game here. But the short of it is, despite being a different take on a MOBA, MxM wasn't quite different enough to make a splash in the supersaturated MOBA market.

2017 Games Countdown #4: Master X Master Launch Trailers

Original Headline: Master X Master Has Several Launch Videos For You Posted on June 24, 2017

2017 Games Countdown #4: Master X Master Launch Trailers

NCSOFT's MOBA, Master X Master has finally launched, and to commemorate the release, the game got several launch videos, including a "What is MXM?" video to help inform the general public of what to expect from the game. As for the answer to that inexplicable question?

Master X Master (MXM) is an Action MOBA that combines direct character control with a revolutionary TAG System, allowing you to swap between your two chosen Masters at any time during combat. With over 30 Masters at launch, an extraordinarily deep and highly skill-based combat design, Master customization and leveling, and a breadth of PvP and PvE content, MXM has something for everyone!

For those already in the know, there was also a launch video for the game, which is a pretty typical launch trailer. Granted, it is almost entirely CGI rather than in-engine footage, but it could be worse. The launch trailer mostly focuses on the MOBA's tag system which allows you to swap between your masters in the middle of a match, which allows you to do things like chain combos, or save one of your masters from death if timed correctly.

Granted, you need a solid grasp of both masters to really get the system to work. Otherwise, you end up dying. A lot.

And lastly, we have a final "Meet the Masters" video for Rytlock. Rytlock is a crossover character from NCSOFT's MMO Guild Wars 2. He's a decent DPS-Tank hybrid, which means he's durable but does less damage than some of the more fragile DPS masters. So, not a bad choice if you tend to kamikaze your way through a fight.

Originally from the ArenaNet MMO Guild Wars 2, Rytlock is a cornerstone Skirmisher, walking the line between fighter and tank. With gap closers, the ability to shrug off CC, and surprising bursts of damage, Rytlock is a warrior always ready to fight tooth and claw.

Master X Master is out now on PC.

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