NCSOFT's MOBA Master X Master Now Has A Release Date


NCSOFT, the company that gave you Guild Wars and City of Heroes, has finally announced the launch date for their upcoming MOBA Master x Master. The game is set to launch on June 21st.

If you took part in the closed beta test for the game, you'll notice some improvements at launch. NCSOFT Has promised that they've taken player feedback from the closed beta to make the game better, though they have not indicated what those fixes will be.

MXM like all of NCSOFT's games is free to play, with in-game purchases for additional characters, skins, etc. The game features characters from many of the company's other games, like Blade and SoulGuild Wars, and even the much beloved but now defunct City of Heroes. Afterall, of the big announcements at PAX East was that the Statesman would be playable in MxM.

Alongside the announcement about its release, the game got a brand new cinematic trailer that shows off some of the game's Masters and the delicate intricacies of MXM's Tag mechanic – the one that lets you instantly change Masters in the midst of battle for devastating combos and last minute death dodges.

Having a launch date means that there's just a limited time left for getting Founder's Packs if you want a head start at launch, and if you missed the fine print when they were first announced, the Soldier- and Master-level packs include name reservation, which will be opening up soon.

The latest trailer is below.


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