MXM's Ranked Pre-Season Is Here As Is A New Character

MXM's Ranked Pre-Season Is Here As Is A New Character

NCSoft announced this morning that the MXM Ranked Preseason is now live, which will bring with it a brand new challenge for MXM competitive play. Players will battle each other on the Titan Ruins 5v5 battlefield for top spots on the MXM leaderboards as they rise up in ranks to claim fantastic rewards. The top 100 players will receive an X-Coin reward, which should be enough to get people interested in the PVP stakes.

They also announce the first new Master to join the game since launch. Yuri will be joining the fleet sometime this August. Yuri is an Ardent-attuned, melee-based skirmisher from Earth's third settlement on Amaari. Yuri is a melee combat fighter with Sol energy, and so should pack a pretty decent punch. Though, between pink hair, school-girl outfit, tea-drinking, and terrible put-downs, I'm just not so sure she'll be a benefit to anyone's team. But then, I didn't particularly enjoy playing MXM myself, so I could certainly be missing something.

Then again, maybe you can figure something out of this fluff description that I can't, which makes all of it make sense:

Yuri is an Ardent-attuned, melee-based Skirmisher from Earth's third settlement on Amaari. A talented martial artist, she was groomed by veteran Masters to be combat effective in the fight to rescue Earth from Atlas and the Synd. She developed the Cosmic Fist martial arts style, which harnesses Sol energy to overpower her opponents with devastating attacks. Yuri will be available beginning in August – more info on the Master will be revealed soon at

If you're wondering where I'm getting the put downs and tea drinking from, well. This video is… I'm not actually sure what this is, but it is one really weird gameplay trailer.

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