Master X Master Has Several Launch Videos For You

Master X Master Has Several Launch Videos For You

NCSOFT's MOBA, Master X Master has finally launched, and to commemorate the release, the game got several launch videos, including a "What is MXM?" video to help inform the general public of what to expect from the game. As for the answer to that inexplicable question?

Master X Master (MXM) is an Action MOBA that combines direct character control with a revolutionary TAG System, allowing you to swap between your two chosen Masters at any time during combat. With over 30 Masters at launch, an extraordinarily deep and highly skill-based combat design, Master customization and leveling, and a breadth of PvP and PvE content, MXM has something for everyone!

For those already in the know, there was also a launch video for the game, which is a pretty typical launch trailer. Granted, it is almost entirely CGI rather than in-engine footage, but it could be worse. The launch trailer mostly focuses on the MOBA's tag system which allows you to swap between your masters in the middle of a match, which allows you to do things like chain combos, or save one of your masters from death if timed correctly.

Granted, you need a solid grasp of both masters to really get the system to work. Otherwise, you end up dying. A lot.

And lastly, we have a final "Meet the Masters" video for Rytlock. Rytlock is a crossover character from NCSOFT's MMO Guild Wars 2. He's a decent DPS-Tank hybrid, which means he's durable but does less damage than some of the more fragile DPS masters. So, not a bad choice if you tend to kamikaze your way through a fight.

Originally from the ArenaNet MMO Guild Wars 2, Rytlock is a cornerstone Skirmisher, walking the line between fighter and tank. With gap closers, the ability to shrug off CC, and surprising bursts of damage, Rytlock is a warrior always ready to fight tooth and claw.

Master X Master is out now on PC.

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