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The Mega Man X Series Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack
Capcom and Laced Records announced this morning that the entire Mega Man X collection would be getting a vinyl soundtrack release This is going to be one hell of a collection for fans of the franchise as this will span all eight games from 1993 until 2004 Officially being called the Mega Man X 1-8:[...]
Mega Man X Zero Gets Two New Figures from Kotobukiya
Both figures show off the paint scheme from the Mega Man X and Nightmare Zero even comes with extra accessories for the normal Zero These model kits are nicely detailed and come with multiple sword accessories The Z-Saber can even light up giving this figure a whole new dynamic feel to it Mega Man fans[...]
Retro Redefined: We Review Mega Man 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridges
As part of the game's 30th anniversary, as well as the release of Mega Man 11 this week, iam8bit partnered with Capcom to release a couple of limited edition classic cartridges for Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X Both of these games were totally sealed up and made to basically sit on a shelf[...]
Mega Man X and Mega Man II Cartridges to be Produced
Capcom has decided to surprise fans with a little something extra again for the Mega Man 30th Anniversary by teaming up with iam8bit to release special edition NES and SNES cartridges of Mega Man II and Mega Man X Take a good look at the cool photos below as iam8bit has made some beautiful reproductions[...]
Mega Man Fans Are Crazy And Have Already Sold Out This $600 Statue
The new 1/4 scale Mega Man X Premium Statue went up for order recently, and it is pretty gorgeous Not $600 gorgeous mind you, which is the price for this thing, but it is quite nice This statue comes in two versions: a blue one and a red one Each would have set you back[...]