Mega Man Fans Are Crazy And Have Already Sold Out This $600 Statue


Mega Man fans have always been rabid, but man, this is crazy. The new 1/4 scale Mega Man X Premium Statue went up for order recently, and it is pretty gorgeous. Not $600 gorgeous mind you, which is the price for this thing, but it is quite nice. This statue comes in two versions: a blue one and a red one. Each would have set you back $600, or you could have spent $1200 to get one of each in an Ultimate Edition. To be fair, 1/4 scale is a pretty huge statue though. So, The fact that it is that expensive is understandable.

HMO Collectibles has done a pretty exceptional job with the sculpting here, every angle you look at the statue from is stellar. The bases have quite a nice bit of detail going on as well, even if the red version looks like something Tony Stark would be jealous of. I worry though that if it is going to break, it will be where it connects to the base. I have been a fan of the character since I was a kid, so I can appreciate the work being done here. This one was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mega Man as well, and I am a sucker for anniversary anything (Case in point: I have repurchased Black Series Star Wars figures I already have just to get them on a vintage-style card these last couple weeks). Since it is sold out, you will have to track this one down on the aftermarket, where I am sure it will command a ridiculous price. Check out a video of the statue below as well.


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