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Marvel Comics' Christian Cooper In Central Park Racial Confrontation
But his career also included working Marvel Comics as a writer and an editor, writing Marvel Comics Presents, Darkhold series Excalibur and editing X-Men, as well as writing the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy comic, co-creating the first openly gay Star Trek character, Yoshi Mishima. He hit the headlines in May last year for very different reasons, as[...]
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It was almost exactly one year ago that former Marvel Comics writer and editor Christian Cooper, and writer/director Melody Cooper were accosted in Central Park while birdwatching by one Amy Cooper (no relation) Christian had asked Amy to leash her dog in accordance with local restrictions In response, Amy Cooper called the police, telling them[...]
The Daily LITG, March 27th 2020
Christian Cooper, former Marvel editor and writer, the subject of racial threats in Central Park, and a video filmed with comic book writing sister Melody Cooper, of one Amy Cooper (no relation to either) making the now-infamous phonecall that has lost her a high-flying financial position. Comics Industry Reaction to… Christian Cooper in Central Park[...]