Comics Industry Reaction to… Christian Cooper in Central Park

The comic book publishing community woke up to one of their own making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Christian Cooper, former Marvel editor and writer, the subject of racial threats in Central Park, and a video filmed with comic book writing sister Melody Cooper, of one Amy Cooper (no relation to either) making the now-infamous phonecall that has lost her a high-flying financial position.

Comics Industry Reaction to... Christian Cooper in Central Park.
Comics Industry Reaction to… Christian Cooper in Central Park. Photo from video scan.

Bleeding Cool covered the story early yesterday, here's some of the reaction from comic book professionals the story has received.

Howard Mackie: Hey, Chris… what's new?

Christian Cooper: Oh, y'know, same old same old.

Larry Hama: I worked with Christian Cooper at Marvel. One of the nicest and gentlest people you could ever meet. Harvard grad. It infuriates me that this piece of human garbage literally tried to get him killed.

Dan Panosian: Chris Cooper, the man the woman is claiming threatened her, was an editor of mine at Marvel Comics. One of the nicest people I ever had an opportunity to work with.

Mikki Kendall Amy Cooper made a choice. Not a mistake. Not an error in judgment. A choice. She chose racism, fully and deliberately chose to attempt to put a Black man in harm's way for the "offense" of asking her to obey leash laws. She was going to try to ruin his life, if not take it.

Eve Ewing this is what I have to say about that enraging Central Park video. except she took it a step further– not only being the arbiter of law, but being willingly misleading and BREAKING the law with the full confidence that the powers of civil society will take her side.

Bryan Hill:  This is why social distancing is pretty easy for me to maintain.


David F Walker: Amy Cooper lost her dog and possibly her job. Christian Cooper, the Black man she called the cops on, could have lost his life. I've gone through every possible excuse for Amy Cooper's actions & the one that makes the most sense is this: the pandemic has confused her so much that she mentally time-traveled back to 1820s Virginia & thought she owned Christian Cooper because they have the same last name.

Kevin Maguire: Well, by his own account, he DID try luring her dog to him and implied he was going to do something she didn't like . As a former dog owner, I would have had a problem with that.

Phil Jimenez: Omigod, Kevin.

Jeremy Simser: Yeah…I don't think I can get with this particular take

Kevin Maguire: All I knew before today was that she freaked out for being asked to put her dog on a leash. Now I've learned there's a bit more to it.

David F Walker: Just as she was confused and thought she was in the past, he saw a vision of the future, where she's choking the sh-t out of that poor dog. , and was really trying to save it.

Pat Brosseau This woman basically deserves all the punishment she's getting, plus, and I don't know how this would be enforced, a lifetime ban from Central Park.

Fraser Campbell Should that Cooper woman lose her job? Stunned it's even a question. She quite knowingly threatened a black man with death by cop for asking her to look after her dog properly. I mean we're all antsy but…

Asher Elbein "I think I was just scared," Amy Cooper told CNN. "When you're alone in the Ramble, you don't know what's happening. It's not excusable, it's not defensible…I'm not a racist. I did not mean to harm that man in any way." Take a drink
Tom Brennan I am genuinely unclear why he pulled out dog treats. I don't ask that to forgive her or chose him, I genuinely don't understand why he did that.

Phil Jimenez: The long standing enmity between bird watchers and owners who unleash their dogs is well chronicled, it seems.

Steve Saffel: He spotted a Red-Headed Woodpecker and a Masked Loon in the Rambles.

Fabian Nicieza: usually only Unmasked Loons are easily spotted in the wild, so this was something of a birder coup.

Howard Mackie: it's called a LIFE LOON.

DA Gregory: I was angry on Chris Cooper's behalf on a matter of gd principle. I didn't put 2+2 together until I read an article this morning though that he's the *same* Chris I worked with on Queer Nation for a stint (we never met face to face like so many online gigs) 2x angry now.

It even made the TV news over in Blighty… say I wonder if any publicity-seeking comics publisher has asked Christian if has any unused pitches from back in the day?


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