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Support New Comics from Rising Artists in the Middle East
Mira Farhat of Rusumat, a digital comic, and graphic-novel app, writes for Bleeding Cool about their mission; We have one mission to bringing together comic communities across the Middle East and the world together onto one platform that provides opportunities for local independent artists to grow and develop, to tell their own stories, and showcase their[...]
Messiah: Michelle Monaghan Joins Netflix's Modern Day Prophet Series
What if someone showed up in 2018 amid strange occurrences and was thought to be the Messiah? What would society do? How would the media cover him? Would millions simply quit work? Could government's collapse? It's a series that could change everything." – Downey and Burnett (joint statement) Messiah chronicles the modern world's reaction to a man[...]
Sacha Baron Cohen to Portray Israeli Spy Eli Cohen in Netflix Limited Series 'The Spy'
Cohen is considered a national hero in Israel; with his actions, connections and immense sacrifice have had lasting consequences in shaping the Middle East of today. Credit: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons Baron Cohen and actress Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Tag) have been active individually and as a couple on issues pertaining to the Middle East overall and[...]
Stuxnet: HBO Lands Alex Gibney Cyber Warfare Limited Series
Based on Gibney's 2016 cyberwarfare documentary Zero Days, the project focuses on the spread of a self-replicating computer virus developed by the United States and Israel to disable and destroy nuclear facilities in the Middle East. Deadline Hollywood also reports exclusively that Stephen Schiff (The Americans) will serve as the series' scribe, with Gibney set to direct as[...]
Pulse Films Goes Nuclear with Series Adaptation of The Atomic Bazaar
Even more disturbing is the likelihood of such weapons being manufactured and deployed by guerrilla non-state terrorists. Langewiesche also recounts the recent history of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the scientist at the forefront of nuclear development and trade in the Middle East who masterminded the theft and sale of centrifuge designs that helped to build Pakistanâ's nuclear[...]
The Middle East Comic Con In Dubai – A Report For Bleeding Cool
The emirate, the second largest in the United Arab Emirates, lacks even a single comic shop, as does the country as the whole and, I am reliably informed, the wider Middle East Which makes the sprawling city-state seem an odd setting for a film and comic convention, but if the world's first Middle East Comic[...]
Jinnrise Launches At Middle East Comic Con In Dubai
Independent publisher Jabal Entertainment have launched their first comic book, Jinnrise by Sohaib Awan and Tony Vasallo, at the first Middle East Film and Comic Con being held in Dubai, today and tomorrow.  We'll have people at the show reporting back for Bleeding Cool this weekend. International student Andrew Marcus' world is torn asunder when interstellar[...]