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Jetta (Standard/Better/Nedor, 1952-1953).
The Yowp Hanna-Barbera blog contains some incredible detail on the series.  But it might just be that the ultimate influences for The Jetsons are many, and sometimes obvious.  Certainly, one can point to a legion of pulp and magazine stories and illustrations where such ideas had been seen before.  Even so, it's almost impossible to look[...]
Wonder Comics #3(Better Publications, 1944)
His cover of Wonder Comics #3 (cover-dated November 1944), with Standard/Better/Nedor character the Grim Reaper punching a Nazi is a classic Schomburg example.  Featuring an early Grim Reaper story and the origin of the character Spectro, Wonder Comics #3 is a stand-out example of the history of its moment in time.  There's a Wonder Comics[...]
1940 Standard/Better/Nedor house ad.
The Ned Pines Standard/Better/Nedor empire is full of mysteries and obscurities.  The rarity of the handful of pulp material that Ned and Robert Pines produced in the first few years after their 1927 incorporation of Better Publications.  The little-known origins of the formation of Syndicated Features Corp in 1936 by Benjamin Sangor and former New[...]
Adventures of the Red Mask syndicated strip from December 1936 (representative, not necessarily in contents of Best Comics #4).
One of the earliest and rarest comic books from Ned Pines' Standard/Better/Nedor, Best Comics #4 features the historically important Adventures of the Red Mask.  A little-known character due to the difficulty in obtaining the source material and the mystery behind his creator, the Red Mask was a Pacific Islander who defended the people of the[...]
Startling Comics #45 (Better Publications, 1947) featuring Lance Lewis and Marna by Graham Ingels.
Such is the case with the Lance Lewis & Marna covers for Startling Comics #44-46, from the legendary artist Graham Ingels for publisher Standard/Better/Nedor These three issues, cover-dated March-July 1947, feature the beginning of Startling Comics' transition from a superhero title that had featured Pyroman and Fighting Yank covers, to a science fiction title with[...]
Black Terror #24 (Nedor Publications, 1948) featuring Lady Serpent.
In 1948-1949, he teamed up with his close friend Mort Meskin on several stories for Standard/Better/Nedor and Prize Publications, and the two part Black Terror story featuring Lady Serpent is an excellent example of this work.  These two issues also feature covers by the legendary Alex Schomburg There's a Black Terror #23 (Nedor, 1948) Condition: GD/VG[...]
America's Best Comics #2 (Nedor Publications, 1942)
While entering a field that had already become competitive with patriotic superheroes by 1942, American Eagle still managed to be unique — in powers and appearance, if not in name.  As explained in his origin and first appearance in America's Best Comics #2, his powers came from being "accidentally endowed with the strength and buoyancy[...]
Thilling Comics #19 panel by Max Plaisted, featuring the origin moment of American Crusader (Standard/Better/Nedor, 1941).
Manhattan of Watchmen fame.  But this is actually the origin of American Crusader, who debuted in Thrilling Comics #19 in 1941.  There's a Thrilling Comics #19 (Better Publications, 1941) Condition: VG/FN up for auction in the 2023 February 23 The Thrillingly Exciting Heroes of Nedor Comics Showcase Auction #40219 at Heritage Auctions. Thilling Comics #19 panel[...]
Exciting Comics #53 (Nedor Publications, 1947) featuring Miss Masque cover by Alex Schomburg.
The iconic cover artist Alex Schomburg created over 240 Golden Age covers for publisher Standard/Better/Nedor, among them a group of Miss Masque covers on Exciting Comics and America's Best Comics during the late Golden Age.   Created by artist Lin Streeter, Miss Masque was a sign of the times in comic book in this 1946-1949 era[...]
Startling Comics #20 (Better Publications, 1943) featuring Pyroman.
While not among the early wave of the Standard/Better/Nedor superheroes, the electrically-charged superhero Pyroman made his debut in Startling Comics #18 and quickly took over Captain Future's share of the title's covers, alternating with Fighting Yank.  Jack Binder's Startling Comics #20 cover, featuring Pyroman taking on a Nazi snake cult, is one of his best[...]
Black Terror #22 (Nedor Publications, 1948)
A comic book including work by three comic book legends in Sheldon Moldoff, Alex Schomburg and Frank Frazetta?  Sign me up.  The hidden gem in question is Black Terror #22, a March 1948 cover-dated classic from Ned Pines' Standard/Better/Nedor This issue features a "Xela" cover by Schomburg, a Black Terror science fiction story by Moldoff,[...]
Thrilling Comics #3 (Better Publications, 1940) with a Woman in Red story by Richard E. Hughes and George Mandel.
As a comic book artist, Mandel contributed to publishers including Standard/Better/Nedor, Novelty/Premium/Curtis, MLJ, Marvel, Harvey, Ace Periodicals, Lev Gleason and Charlton during the early Golden Age Mandel also contributed to an early draft of 1967 Bond film Casino Royale, via his longtime association with Catch-22 author Joseph Heller. Heller had been brought in by producer Charles[...]
America's Best Comics #1 (Nedor Publications, 1942)
Anthology titles combining stories featuring a publisher's best characters was a standard practice of the Golden Age.  DC Comics had World's Finest Comics and All-Star Comics, Fox Feature Syndicate had Big 3, and Marvel/Timely had All-Winners Comics, for example.  In 1942, Ned Pines' Standard/Better/Nedor followed suit by launching America's Best Comics, featuring the Black Terror,[...]
Startling Comics #10 (Better Publications, 1941) featuring the debut of the Fighting Yank.
Along with the Black Terror, the Fighting Yank was among publisher Standard/Better/Nedor's most popular superheroes.  The character first appeared in an origin story in Startling Comics #10 (cover-dated September 1941) from publisher Standard/Better/Nedor, by writer/editor Richard E Hughes and artist Jon L Blummer, and with a cover by Elmer Wexler.  Long considered an important key[...]
Exciting Comics #9 (Nedor Publications, 1941) featuring the first appearance and origin of the Black Terror.
Debuting in Exciting Comics #9 with a May 1941 cover-date and a February 18, 1941 release date, the Black Terror is perhaps the most popular and best-remembered superhero character from Ned Pines' Standard/Better/Nedor comic book line.  The character soon garnered his own series as well as appearances in the anthology title America's Best Comics, and[...]
Exciting Comics #2 (May 1940, Better Publications).
As a glimpse at the Ned Pines Standard/Better/Nedor line that could have been, Exciting Comics #1 is quite a bit more important than many collectors realize.  The first issue of the third comic book series that Pines launched seemed to indicate that he would use this title to debut some of his pulp characters into[...]
Thrilling Comics #63 (Standard Magazines, 1947) cover by Alex Schomburg.
Schomburg created around 40 airbrushed covers for Ned Pines's Standard/Better/Nedor titles during the period of 1947-1948, and these are often referred to as the "Xela" covers due to Schomburg signing his work from this time frame using his first name spelled backward The iconic airbrushed Schomburg cover for Startling Comics #49 has become one of[...]