First Appearance of American Eagle in , Up for Auction

It was hard to be unique in the WWII patriotic hero market, but American Eagle's origin gave him "the strength and bouyances of an eagle."


[C_I] = Exciting Comics #22
[K_I] = [C_I] features {KEY_INFO}
[C] = {Character}
[WA] = [C] was created by {creators}
[D] = [C_I] was cover-dated {cover date}
[Pbl] = Fawcett Publications.
[S_F] = [C_I] is also important because {Supporting_Facts}
[Tid] = {TIDBIT} is an interesting fact related to [C_I].
[Bio] = {BIO_BLURB} for people or companies related to the release of [C_I]
[ThS] = A thesis statement about [C_I] based on [K_I].
[SuS] = Commentary that supports [ThS] derived from [S_F], [C], [WA], [Pbl] and [D]
[CoS] = A conclusion about [C_I] based on [SuS]
[Rar] = {RARITY}
[AucL] = There's a copy of [C_I] [Cnd] up for auction in the 2023 February 23 The Thrillingly Exciting Heroes of Nedor Comics Showcase Auction #40219 at Heritage Auctions.


  1. Introductory commentary centered around a thesis statement based on [ThS]. End this paragraph with [AucL].
  2. Provide supporting evidence and details based on [SuS] to explain why [C_I] is significant and valuable.  Include [Bio] if available.
  3. Conclude with a summary or analysis based on [CoS] that reflects on the significance of [C_I] as a comic book for sale at auction. Include [Tid] if available. Include information about [Rar]. End this paragraph with [AucL] plus information informing prospective bidders who are new to Heritage Auctions to check out their FAQ on the bidding process and related matters.


>Let's work this out in a step-by-step way to be sure we develop a good post. Keep researching and evaluating these concepts until we have found the best answer and have determined the best way to compose our response. Write a blog post about [C_I] based on the above information.  Make sure the post is optimized for SEO based on [C_I]. Use the outline of paragraphs for a blog post above to construct the post. Each item on the outline should be used to generate a numbered h1 heading. For each heading, write at least one full paragraph supporting it. Include paragraph breaks.  Also, put a conclusion at the end of the post summarizing the key points of the post.

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