SNK Announces The NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro

Prior to Tokyo Game Show 2019, SNK has released a bit of a surprise on everyone with a brand new item: the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro This is a full-sized fight stick that will come pre-programmed with 20 fighting games from the SNK library Unfortunately, the company didn't reveal what those 20 games are It[...]

SNK Releases a New International Trailer for the NeoGeo Mini

This week, SNK revealed a brand new international trailer to hype the upcoming release of the NeoGeo Mini in western markets It isn't a terribly long video, and it doesn't have a lot of flash and pop behind it, it's simply here to sell you on the console If anything, it looks like a marketing[...]

Classic NeoGeo Title Crossed Swords is Getting Released on Modern Consoles

One of the all-time classic games to come out of the NeoGeo was Crossed Swords, as it's been praised as an amazing game ahead of its time It was basically an RPG mixed with a first-person hack-n-slash where your character was represented by a wire frame along the bottom as you fought your way through a[...]

Is SNK Teasing a Mini Neo Geo Console for Their 40th Anniversary?

A new game machine that contains popular titles of NEOGEO will emerge, expressing gratitude to all fans who support SNK's works such as "KOF" "Legend of Fat Wolf" "Samsupi" "Metasura" ! Please stay tuned The Future is Now!今年、SNKブランドは40周年を迎えます。『KOF』『餓狼伝説』『サムスピ』『メタスラ』など、SNKの作品を支持して頂いているファンの皆様への感謝の気持ちを込め、NEOGEOの人気タイトルを収録した新しいゲーム機が登場します!ご期待ください。The Future is Now! #SNK #SNK40th #NEOGEO #ネオジオ — SNK JAPAN (@SNKPofficial_jp) April 19, 2018It's pretty clear that[...]