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The New Deadwardians Gives Us Its Best Play On Words To Date
The New Deadwardians has rapidly become my favourite Vertigo title (which usually means it will be cancelled shortly), written by Dan Abnett whose work, despite the praise it often receives, I haven't personally enjoyed for a long time But New Deadwardians is aces It smacks of a high concept 2000AD strip given room to breathe[...]
Last Week's Comics In Fourteen Pictures
There's not a single weak book in Rob Liefeld's relaunched line of titles, could he be headed for publisher/editor of the year? #2012 We've discovered the most shocking twist of the NEW DEADWARDIANS premise from Vertigo It's not just the gentleman vampire detective investigating the apparent normal death of other vampires or the armies of ghastly[...]
DC Vertigo Relaunch: Covers For Issue 2
And, from the DC blog, are the four second issue covers for April for Saucer Country, The New Deadwardians, Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child and Fairest. They aren't calling it a relaunch Because it isn't one But the decision to launch four new titles from DC Vertigo in March does give it a slightly[...]
DC To Support Vertigo Relaunch With Ordering Incentives And Variant Covers
It is unlikely a book like Animal Man would have caught on quite so quickly if there weren't plenty of copies for people to try when they read the rewards. In March, DC's mature readers imprint, Vertigo, is having a mini-relaunch of its own with four new series starting, Fairest, Saucer Country, The New Deadwardians and[...]