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WatchWorks Comics Closes in Mocksville, North Carolina

WatchWorks Comics of Mocksville, North Carolina, Closed

Chris Underwood, owner of comic store WatchWorks Comics in Mocksville, North Carolina, posted the news to Facebook earlier in the month, It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that today is the last day for WatchWorks Comics. I always wanted to be a part of something that I have loved since I […]

Swamp Thing | Abby | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership

"Swamp Thing": Did North Carolina Tax Hit Doom DC Universe Series?

With a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% and the second episode ready to premiere this Friday, there's been a ton of speculation over why DC Universe has drained the swamp on its live-action Swamp Thing series. Were WarnerMedia executives' "creative differences" and being less-than-pleased with the direction of the show to blame? Was the […]

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major For August

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major For August

Rainbow Six Siege fans will see the Siege Major 2019 will be coming to Raleigh, North Carolina this August with $500,000 on the line. Ubisoft released the full details as the second biggest R6S tournament returns to North America this summer, running from August 12th-18th from the Raleigh Convention Center. The Six Major Raleigh follows […]

Freeform Developing Stephen King's Joyland to Series

The network of mermaids (Siren) and homeless teenage superheroes (Cloak and Dagger) is getting into the Stephen King business, with Freeform set to develop the author's novel Joyland to series. Chris Peña (Jane the Virgin) and Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Stoning of Soraya M.) will write the pilot script and produce, with Bill Haber (Beauty and the Beast, Rizzoli […]

The "Straight" Comic Collectors Show Of Raleigh, North Carolina…

Last week, North Carolina state lawmakers enacted an anti-gay/transgender law that removes all local related anti-discrimination measures, and specifically targets transgender people from using public toilets or a gender other than what appears on their birth certificate. It was signed by Governor Pat McCrory on the same day. This week, the Facebook page of the North Carolina Comicon and the Oak […]

North Carolina Comic Store, Micheal's Marvels, Burns To The Ground

Micheal's Marvels is a small comic book store tucked away in Sanford, North Carolina. Or at least it was. A fire in a neighbouring building spread and the store, and its contents, burned to the ground. No one was killed or injured in the blaze on Sunday afternoon, but the cabinet shop where the fire is […]

Yes, Tennessee, You Can Buy A Captain Abearica T-Shirt

This is a T-Shirt that Bleeding Cool EIC Hannah Means-Shannon bought while taking a recent trip to the mountain forests of North Carolina and Tennessee. And for some reason, was proud enough of her purchase to show off to me, picked up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. […]

Gerard Way Comes To North Carolina In November

Gerard Way is joining the likes of Charlie Adlard, Adam Hughes, Neal Adams Stacy Lee, Cliff Chiang, JP Leon and Bernard Chang as the big comic book names of North Carolina Comic Con in November. So as well as all the comic book aficionados, expect a rather large contingent of My Chemical Romance "killjoys" to […]

Councilman No Longer Wants To Help City Live Long And Prosper

The Charlotte Observer has the story of an Indian Trail councilman who resigned in a nerdy style. David Waddell let the mayor know of his intention to resign by sending a letter in Klingon. Waddell says he wrote the letter to Mayor Michael Alvarez in the language made up by Marc Okrand for the Star Trek […]

Did Dan DiDio Apologise To DC Comics Creators?

Before the recent top-secret DC creative summit, Bleeding Cool ran a suggestion box, printing suggestions from actual DC comic creators about how they'd like to see things change. Whether it was because of that list, or because of those sentiments also being expressed face-to-face, I don't know. But I'm told that at the summit, Publisher […]

Opening The DC Comics Suggestion Box

Here are submissions by current working DC Comics professionals for Bleeding Cool's DC Suggestion Box ahead of this weekend's creative summit in Charlotte, North Carolina. An open bar during meetings. Don't try to make a hero sandwich out of croutons.  Take the Norm Breyfogles and Jon Bogdonovs off the work horse bench instead of dividing […]

North Carolina Bound… The DC Comics Suggestion Box

This weekend sees DC comics creators from across the country head to Charlotte, North Carolina, for a creative summit, with editors and publishers on hand. That's if they can escape blizzard bound New York. There will be workshops, brainstorms and lectures, and it is likely that the future of the New 52 will be hammered […]

More On The DC Creative Conference In Charlotte, North Carolina

Okay, so it's not a writers' retreat. It's a creative conference. Artists and writers, cover artists as well, as evidenced by a workshop on cover art being led by Andy Kubert. Around seventy invites have gone out to DC comic creators to join their peers for a few days in three weeks at a location […]

North Carolina Comics Artist Arrested On Indecency Charges

Richard Lee Ketcham, 41, better known in the comics industry as artist Rick Ketcham, was arrested yesterday and jailed in North Carolina, on felony charges of Indecent Liberties With Children. There are no further public details, but I am led to understand that will change soon. Rick has been an inker on books such as […]

A Doctor Who Carnival Of Monsters Cover

  A flip covers for Doctor Who #1 by Andy Diggle and Mark Buckingham from IDW. The front cover by Charles P Wilson of Stuff Of Legends without logos or text, showing the Doctor's Monster gallery with one hand holding them at bay with a sonic screwdriver. And on the back cover, a border by […]

Lobo Creator Roger Slifer In Intensive Care After Hit-And-Run

Lobo co-creator, Roger Slifer, appears to have been the victim of a hit-and-run driver. Writer Flint Dille has posted (via Jim Salicrup); Okay, here's what I know. We had originally thought of keeping this quiet, because Roger is a fairly private guy, but as word is out and time might be of the essence if […]

Heroes Con Gets Jesse Jamesed

 Jesse James went to Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina. They even let him in! Dear Bleeding Cool, This week I attended Heroes Con in Charlotte N.C. for the first time. It was very high on my bucket list. So many people had laid out the foundation for me before I had even arrived. […]