North Carolina Comic Store, Micheal's Marvels, Burns To The Ground

Micheal's Marvels is a small comic book store tucked away in Sanford, North Carolina.

mm2Or at least it was.


A fire in a neighbouring building spread and the store, and its contents, burned to the ground.

No one was killed or injured in the blaze on Sunday afternoon, but the cabinet shop where the fire is believed to have begun, a storage facility and a small church on the corner were all caught up in it.

The property was not insured, was valued at $54,100, and contents were estimated to be about $25,000.


A GoFundMe page for the comic store's owners has been set up here.

I got a call today from my family, disturbing news. They came home from church to discover that their house was on fire. The Comic Book store that my dad has been running for more than 20 years, was attached to the house

They lost EVERYTHING. My father's entire collection was ablaze and is now just ashes. My family has no clothes, no food, no diapers for my handicapped sisters. My dad lost his phone, medicine for his cerebral palsy and his wallet on top of a comic collection that was worth thousands. We are all heart broken and unsure how to proceed forward. I know they need help, clothes, food, diapers and some funds to begin again. I humbly ask you to lend a hand in helping a family through their worst nightmare…. please call with any food or clothes donation so that I can pick them up.




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