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Rare Astro Boy Production Cel Up For Auction At Heritage Auctions
This production cel is currently available for auction at Heritage Auction's website. According to the description of this production cel on the auction listing at Heritage Auctions' website: From Osamu Tezuka's series that defined the entire artistic movement known as anime, this is an amazing hand-inked and hand-painted original production cel from the seminal classic series Astro Boy. Tezuka,[...]
Kodansha Announces New Fall 2021 Manga Titles
Determined to keep his country-bumpkin status a secret, he tries to keep a low profile … but when his groundbreaking performance in his first test attracts the attention of not only his (gorgeous) classmates but the Demon King herself … Chrono realizes his dreams of a "happy, normal school life" may die in the dungeons[...]
As the demon dies, the swordsman's mask falls off his face as he gets is skin back for the first time in his life… Thus begins the new adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's classic manga from the 1960's, updated to a 21st Century anime aesthetic The character art is more realistic, less "cute" like Tezuka's original Disney-sque[...]
If you're a Prime subscriber, you can watch it as part of the service without additional cost. Bad news, anime fans! They forgot to add the English subtitles – so it's in Japanese only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLat_-OyHIsVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: DORORO 2019 Official Trailer New HD (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLat_-OyHIs) Dororo is a new adaptation of a manga series[...]
What Angoulême Looked Like In 1982, In The Eyes Of Osamu Tezuka
In 1982 the creator of Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka went to the ninth Angoulême comic book festival. Sponsored by the Japanese government and accompanied by politicians, he turned the experience into a comic book, as recalled by Paul La Marca for Fumettologica. Which gives a chance to see what once was, through the eyes of an outsider… as he took one of his[...]
Dark Horse Is Releasing 700 Page Astro Boy Omnibus This September, With More To Follow
Calling all fans of Astro Boy! This September will bring the release of Osamu Tezuka's beloved Astro Boy in a whopping seven hundred-page omnibus! Dark Horse Comics will release Astro Boy Omnibus Volume 1, and it will feature Astro Boy's jet-powered, evil-bashing adventures The omnibus will collect rare and out-of-print material sure to please fans[...]