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Warren Spector Working On New Gaming With OtherSide Entertainment
OtherSide Entertainment has announced this week that Warren Spector is officially working on a new game through the company The news, while cool, is kinda weird overall First off, Spector founded OtherSide with Paul Neurath, so it's really weird that they needed to announce he was making a game through the very company he created[...]
Tencent will be working on System Shock 3 going forward.
After reports that began swirling around earlier in the week, developer OtherSide Entertainment confirmed that Chinese corporation Tencent will now be "taking the System Shock franchise forward" in the future. This marks the latest development in the System Shock 3 saga, which has been churning for five years now since its initial announcement in December 2015[...]
System Shock 3 is still in development.
Taking to the official System Shock 3 forums, a representative from OtherSide Entertainment, marketing and business development VP Walter Somol, noted that the team was indeed "still" there and work had still been taking place. "We're all working remotely right now, probably like most of you," Somol wrote "Our new concept is coming along nicely and[...]
Rumor: "SYstem Shock 3" Is Now Shelved & Dev Team Unemployed
According to the post, the development team behind the game at OtherSide Entertainment is no longer employed This goes with the news that there had been massive layoffs within the company back in December 2019 What's more, it appears the game has been shelved as everyone there is way behind in the development of other[...]
System Shock 3 Teaser - Unity Keynote (GDC 2019)
OtherSide Entertainment had a bit of a surprise for everyone during the Unity keynote speech at GDC 2019 as we got a look at System Shock 3 The trailer was designed to show off the power and capability of what's being built on their engine, but it was a nice surprise to have this pop[...]
505 Games Releases a New Gameplay Trailer for Underworld Ascendant
If you've been waiting to see new footage from Underworld Ascendant, we've got good news for you: OtherSide Entertainment and 505 Games have released a brand-new gameplay trailer showing off more levels of the dungeons below. Everything about this trailer makes us smile as they're basically showing you all of the different ways you'll need to come[...]
Underworld Ascendant's Best Feature is the Living Stygian Abyss
OtherSide Entertainment is changing things up with this entry into the series which should prove pretty interesting for fans of player-authored gameplay and 'immersive sims' set in fantasy realms. So, pretty much anyone who hangs out in the fantasy RPG genre, myself included. Underworld Ascendant takes you back to The Stygian Abyss where you enjoy some classic[...]
Go Behind the Scenes of Underworld Ascendant in Latest Trailer
In a behind-closed-doors presentation at PAX South, game industry legend Paul Neurath (Ultima Underworld, Thief) discussed the inspiration and history behind the upcoming highly-anticipated Underworld Ascendant from OtherSide Entertainment A new video produced for PAX South featuring exclusive gameplay footage also takes a deep dive into the heritage of the studio and the deeply experienced team creating Underworld Ascendant for[...]
Starbreeze Shared This Early Concept Art From System Shock 3 Yesterday
During Starbreeze Studios' annual "Starstream" livestream event yesterday, OtherSide Entertainment's creative director Warren Spector appeared to discuss System Shock 3, and he also showed off some early concept art for the game. This past August, OtherSide Entertainment confirmed that System Shock 3 was officially in development They also revealed some of the names behind the game, which[...]
Deus Ex Creator Is Taking Charge Of System Shock 3
Warren Spector, most famously known s the creator of the original Deus Ex, has finally returned to full time game development and will lead production at Otherside Entertainment. This is a truly fascinating pairing, and has the potential to make the game feel very old school  Or perhaps, they will all push on and create something[...]