Starbreeze Shared This Early Concept Art From System Shock 3 Yesterday


During Starbreeze Studios' annual "Starstream" livestream event yesterday, OtherSide Entertainment's creative director Warren Spector appeared to discuss System Shock 3, and he also showed off some early concept art for the game.

This past August, OtherSide Entertainment confirmed that System Shock 3 was officially in development. They also revealed some of the names behind the game, which include design director Sheldon Pacotti, who has worked on Deus Ex and Deux Ex: Invisible War, art director Arturo Pulecio of Warhammer Online and Epic Mickey, and fellow Epic Mickey alumn and tech director Jason Hughes who also worked on Wing Commander. It's a pretty interesting group of

System Shock 3 will mark the return of SHODAN voiced by Terri Brosius. Rumors about the project mostly focus around whether or not it will include VR support after the studio released a survey in 2015 to gauge interest in VR. Neither OtherSide nor Starbreeze have given any indication of the truth to that claim, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did appear on VR, at least in some form.

The early concept art for System Shock 3 released today are in the gallery below.

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