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Catwoman Has A New Magnetic Suit For DC Comics 5G Future State
Such as the new look for Catwoman, in a story by Ram V and Otto Schmidt Editor Jess Chen tweeted out; When the Future State: Catwoman magnetic suit design came in from @OttoSchmidt72 I literally screamed (and I still am, actually)!! Future State: Catwoman #1-2 out in Jan/Feb 2021! @therightram story @OttoSchmidt72 art @LiamRSharp cover @Ben_Meares edit assists ME[...]
3 Ways Hawkeye Freefall #1 Shows Clint Barton is the Absolute Worst
Hawkeye's brand new solo series launched last week, from Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt, and while the issue has gotten rave reviews for a variety of reasons, the most important service it performs is letting people know just how terrible Hawkeye is Here's three ways Hawkeye was revealed to be the absolute worst in Hawkeye:[...]
Harley Quinn vs. the Joker #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque
It just doesn't support the tone balance very well, and Jessica Kholinne's bright colors don't help. Otto Schmidt's epilogue looks solid though, and it does manage the visual tone well. Harley Quinn vs the Joker #1 is easily the weakest of the Prelude to the Wedding one-shots The tone is all over the place, the art doesn't support the[...]
Red Hood vs. Anarky #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig
Otto Schmidt makes the epilogue look great once again, even if the scene isn't as clear as usual. Red Hood vs Anarky is a fun and solid one-off story to build up to the grand climax of Bruce and Selina's wedding Red Hood gets plenty of good lines and scenes, and Anarky gets a moment to[...]
Batgirl vs. the Riddler #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig
Jordie Bellaire complements it with a darker yet balanced color palette, and good grief Jordie Bellaire must be one of the busiest color artists in the industry. Otto Schmidt brings the epilogue again, and he does an excellent job as usual. Batgirl vs Riddler #1 is another good installment to the "Prelude to the Wedding" line of[...]
Green Arrow #31 Review: Orbital Archery
She lets into the Underground Men, and it's freaking awesome. Green Arrow #31 art by Otto Schmidt Otto Schmidt's work here is solid for the most part There is a moment on the space station where it's really not clear how Ollie got out of the situation with the open airlock in the satellite The "how" is[...]
green arrow
After it's over, it's never mentioned for the rest of the comic. Otto Schmidt's artwork does bring a lot of personality to the proceedings It's lively, kinetic, and it is a unique style Juan Ferreyra's artwork is pretty damn incredible, though, and it is a bit of a letdown when he takes a few issues off[...]