Green Arrow #30 Review: The Green And The Green Ride Again

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Cover to Green Arrow #30 by Otto Schmidt
Green Arrow #30

Green Arrow is close to shutting down the Ninth Circle's operations, but he needs to hitch a ride up to their satellite. Thankfully, his old friend, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, happens to be in the neighborhood. The two have a lot to catch up on, and there is a lot of strife between the two. Can the two big personalities cooperate long enough to bring down the Ninth Circle?

As someone who loved the old Green Lantern/Green Arrow title, this was a team-up I was really looking forward to in the "Hard-Traveling Hero" arc of Green Arrow. Was it worth the wait? Yeah, it actually was.

It wasn't explosive or high-octane, but it felt genuine. These are two headstrong people who used to be close friends, but they haven't seen each other in a while. They've certainly said things to each other in the past that may have left some scars on the friendship, but they care for each other enough to try and push through all that to do what's right.

Interior art to Green Arrow #30 by Otto Schmidt
Green Arrow #30 Art

They're both chatty, but it's what they don't speak aloud that says the most. They know each other, but they're too timid to get too personal about recent events given the damage they've dealt one another. The one-liners are still good though, and they do show a bond.

Also, Mad Max: Fury Road happens in the first few pages. No joke — Green Arrow takes down a rabid band of War Boy-like people who ride spiked and rusty motorcycles and a semi-truck. These are presumably some of the Underground Men, but there is no context given. After it's over, it's never mentioned for the rest of the comic.

Otto Schmidt's artwork does bring a lot of personality to the proceedings. It's lively, kinetic, and it is a unique style. Juan Ferreyra's artwork is pretty damn incredible, though, and it is a bit of a letdown when he takes a few issues off. That's not to discredit Schmidt, who is a really talented artist. He is well suited for Green Arrow still, and his work is very enjoyable. He's a very talented color artist as well, and this is a gorgeous comic for it.

Green Arrow #30 provides a short prelude for what seems to the finale to the Ninth Circle arc, which has been running through the title since its Rebirth relaunch. It's a bit light on plot, but it does make up for this with character. It can still be easily recommended, and Benjamin Percy has succeeded in keeping this a highly engaging title. Plus, you get to see Green Arrow and Green Lantern team up once again. Pick this one up.

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