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Developer Red Barrels announced today that we're getting the next game in the Outlast series down the road with The Outlast Trials The game is not a direct sequel, but it will be set in the same universe as the previous games This one specifically will be during the Cold War era, as players will[...]
Outlast has just seen a quiet release on the European Nintendo Switch store, with it expected to join American buyers soon. Red Barrels Studio has been promising a Nintendo Switch version of Outlast for a little while now The title is one of the most beloved horror games in quite some time and remains a staple[...]
Outlast 2 Will Be Here To Terrify You In April
Indie developer Red Barrels has given a launch date for their survival horror game Outlast 2 which will launch digitally for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in April Red Barrels will also be entering into a partnership with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to produce a series compilation at retail shops which will include[...]
Outlast 2 Demo Has Turned Up To Give You Nasty Spooks
It's a shame Outlast 2 isn't coming out this year like it was orginally planned to It would have been a great spooky game to play around with for Halloween, but alas, it is not to be. We aren't going away entirely empty handed though Rather surprisingly, a demo has dropped for the game without any[...]
Outlast 2 Delayed Into Next Year
The first Outlast was really a cool title that seemed to bring a high quality horror game back to the forefront of the industry The game was spooky, jumpy and more or less everything you needed out of horror game set in a comically overindulgent insane asylum trope. That is why I was quite excited about[...]
Get Your First Look At Outlast 2 Gameplay
Outlast 2 up until now has been a promise of horror, built upon the last game, yet has remained elusive We hadn't seen anything of the game yet, but now set in the American South, things have gotten much more rustic. And now that promise has been made flesh, as this trailer for the game has[...]
Horror Game Outlast Sequel Announced For Next Year
Outlast was a remarkably good looking indie game when it came out The game used it's night vision camera gimmick to great affect, and it was one of the better survival horror titles in recent memory. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the game is getting a sequel, with the announcement being made just before Halloween Sadly, you're going to[...]
The SML Podcast – Celebrating Halloween With Some Survival Horror Discussions
By Joe Cammisa   [audio:http://joecam.net/SML/SML-e090.mp3] Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast Episode 90: Spooky Title Here, here on Bleeding Cool! We are only 10 episodes away from triple digits now, and to celebrate Halloween we have the obligatory Halloween themed podcast episode! This week we are joined by Taras "Pappy" Butrej and Ken Carlson to[...]