Outlast 2 Doesn't Take Place In An Asylum – Take A Look At A New Photo For As To Clues Where It Does Though

Outlast 2 is due out this year, which is just fine by me. The first game was one of the very best horror games in years, and remains a favorite.

One of the things that gave that first game real character was the Asylum it took place in, but that won't be the case in the franchise's second outing. Responding to fans on Twitter, Red Barrel Games confirmed we would be scared elsewhere this time.

On top of that though, this new photo from the game has been released. It doesn't tell us much, but hey, it's our first glimpse, so pour over it if you like.


We saw in the initial announcement trailer that it had KKK like imagery, and now with this swampy looking cabin, my guess is that this takes place in the south of America. That is a pure guess though.