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Marvel Rejects Winter Soldier Origin Of Iron Man's Parents Deaths
It's Iron Man origin time! With AXE: Judgment Day spoilers!  In the movie Captain America: Civil War, it was revealed that the Winter Soldier was responsible for the murder of Tony Stark's parents, Howard and Maria Stark A mission organized by HYDRA operative and Russian Armed Forces Colonel Vasily Karpov, with a controlled Bucky doing[...]
EG: Is Being Hero Mutually Exclusive With Being a Bad Parent?
After DC FanDome and mulling over the new concept behind Superman & Lois as working parents struggling to balance their professional and personal lives I started thinking of parenting in pop culture and how it is often represented in terms of our heroes Spoiler? It is not always a good thing It must be tough[...]
Mission: Possible- A Parent/Geek's Guide to Watching TV in 40 Easy Steps
If your co-parent is present, make them go cuddle the child. Respond to elementary school class parent group chat while waiting for co-parent. Get sucked into debate about high-fructose corn syrup with other parents. Go to child's room and wake up co-parent who has fallen asleep in child's bed. Restart episode because you don't remember what you have watched[...]
The Parenting Alicorn: 6 Kids' Shows You'll Like Too! Doctor Who, She-Ra, Teen Titans
Full disclosure: there is singing and dancing…but also sophisticated storylines having to do with Rapunzel settling in to a life with parents she's just getting to know while recovering from her incredibly sheltered childhood. For Toddlers: Curious George (Hulu)–0Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Curious George | Trailer | Watch Curious George on PBS[...]