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MCM Comic Con Birmingham: Pat Mills Talks Marshal Law, 2000AD And Slaine
By Olly MacNamee For those of us comic book fans keeping a keen eye on the MCM Comic Con's Main Stage schedule this last Saturday for any comic book related events, we were pleasantly rewarded with a lunchtime panel spotlighting the career of modern British comic groundbreaker, Pat Mills Yes, THE Pat Mills, coming in under[...]
The Return Of Punisher 2099 – After Two Decades
Punisher 2099 was co-created by Pat Mills, one of the men behind the creation of Judge Dredd and the co-creator of Marshal Law When Pat creates superheroes, he has a tendency to create them for satirical purpose and go over the top sowing what a bad idea the character would be in real life And[...]
When Dwayne Johnson Could Have Been… Marshal Law
Pat Mills has been talking about his nightmares dealing with Hollywood trying to adapt his comics into movies Such as, Then there was the boss of a media company that's a household name who 'definitely' wanted to do a whole range of projects featuring my characters, including Marshal Law They were 'very, very serious' This time[...]
Charley's War To Get New Collections For 100th Anniversary Of The First World War – As Well As Sean Phillips' Void, Bisley's Four Horsemen, The Complete Brute! And Doctor Who Collections
I bumped into Pat Mills at the British Library last week, there are a number of his works in the exhibition, including 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Marshal Law and Charley's War. A fondly remembered strip, a harsh retelling of the First World War from the point of view of an under age soldier, it has recently been[...]
Desperately Seeking Comics At London Book Fair 2014
Such as a single book on a stand from Soaring Penguin Press… … that nevertheless had garnered considerable foreign rights attention, Pat Mills editing a new war comics anthology. I saw the publishers also meeting with Diamond later… Seem a perfect match. But the French have plenty of star power too, with plenty of graphic novels from plenty of[...]
The Last 2000AD Of 2013
Top marks to Simon Bowland for great lettering too, especially on the sound effects. 4.Robot Remembrance Pat Mills! Clint Langley! Annie Parkhouse! Horrible mechanical violence! The ABC Warriors are back in Return to Mars This is a smartly done, small scale piece that emphasizes both the absurdity and brutality of the ABCs The piece is essentially a[...]
Off-Registration Goes Kickstarter To Keep It Free
They put all this out for free, with each issue being available across multiple platforms so you aren't stuck having to go with one specific DRM. The issues so far have included: Pat Mills (American Reaper), Joe Caramagna (The Further Travels Of Wyatt Earp), Fred Van Lente (Action Philosophers) and Horacio Lalia (The Tell-Tale Heart) with covers[...]
The Guardian Announces A Masterclass For Creating A Graphic Novel
Other tutors include Professor of Illustration at the Royal College of Art Andrzej Klimowski, comics writer and curator Paul Gravett, and the creator of 2000 AD Pat Mills. £99 a ticket if you get in early.   Well this sounds like fun From The Guardian newspaper; Curated by graphic novel publisher SelfMadeHero, this in-depth full-day seminar covers everything[...]
Marshal Law Five Hundred Page Hardcover Back Under Ten Quid In The UK
The Amazon Glitch has glitched again and this fifty dollar collection of Marshal Law comics by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill from DC Comics can be preordered for ten pounds on, less than shops will pay for it So whether you are a reader or a retailer, now might be a good time to[...]