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Exclusive Previews For Call Of Duty: Black Ops III #6 And Dark Horse Present #27
They've tracked the Red Witch to the basement of the former KGB headquarters, but they'll have to fight their way through a maze full of combat robots to get to her. DARK HORSE PRESENTS #27 Writers: Alan Gordon, Paul Levitz, Carla Speed McNeil, Kaare Andrews, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Keith Goldberg, John Nadeau,[...]
14 Creators Working On Dark Horse Presents #26 And An Exclusive Preview
Writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Keith Goldberg, Kaare Andrews, John Arcudi, Alan Gordon, Rich Woodall, Paul Levitz are joined by artists Aaron Campbell, Troy Nixey, Lucas Varela, Bo Hampton, Craig Rousseau, Tim Hamilton This month's issue of Dark Horse Presents features three new stories: Black Sinister by Kaare Andrews and Troy Nixey, Espirits de Corps by[...]
Taschen Cancels Final Two Volumes Of 75 Years Of DC Comics
75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking is an oversized massive volume edited by ex-publisher/president of DC, Paul Levitz. Taschen decided to serialise – and expand – it into five volumes and had put out out the Golden, Silver and Bronze Age volumes. But Taschen has decided not to do ahead with publishing the last two volumes, The[...]
Pottymouth Doctor Fate?
Paul Levitz used to be President and Publisher of DC Comics until everything changed and his job was split among five people. That was then. But during his tenure, he had to deal with an event that saw the All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder comic by Frank Miller and Jim Lee feature seriously strong swearing that wasn't[...]
Today, For The Comic Industry, Is #ThankYouBob Wayne Day
I'm sad to see him leaving DC, but look forward to whatever he chooses to do down the road. Paul Levitz, comic book writer and former president and publisher of DC Comics, So many moments…but a favorite was a late dinner in Baltimore during a visit to Diamond, when we had heard that the Spirit rights might[...]
"I Never Saw Him So Powerful" – Lois Lane From World's Finest #31
Paul Levitz is continuing his run on World's Finest with the fifth part of the Secret History of Superman & Batman? You have to love a title with a question mark in it So exactly what happened to the Earth 2 Superman and Batman… this is the story with the answers. Death and destruction are increasing on[...]
New Dr. Fate Series By Paul Levitz And Sonny Liew
Paul Levitz always gets to write a comic That was the rumoured deal after his departure as Publisher and President of DC Comics And now, after Legion Of Superheroes and World's Finest, comes his next peoject, as part of DC's June mini-relaunch, Dr Fate with artist Sonny Liew. Liew recently worked with new Action Comics writer Gene[...]
Brian Bolland, Art Adams, Max Brooks And More Now Coming To London Super Comic Con In March…
Woodward, Neal Adams, Mark Brooks, Gary Erskine, Gary Frank, David Gibbons, Stephanie Hans, Bob Layton, David Lloyd, Clay Mann, Taki Soma, Elias Chatzoudis, Bill Doran, Mark Farmer, Lee Garbett, Klaus Janson, Paul Levitz, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Watson, Chrissie Zullo, Charlie Adlard, Mahmud Asrar, Lee Bermejo, Ian Churchill, Yaya Han, Jeremy Haun, Emanuela Lupacchino, Michael  Avon Oeming, Mike Ploog, John Romita Jr and Jamie Tyndall. I'll be there, definitely all day Saturday[...]
The New Power Girl Is… Aging Backwards?
She is described as one of the "most intelligent 17-year-olds on the planet" by co-creator Paul Levitz. But in a big splash appearing in today's DC Comics, to announce her joining the Teen Titans in issue 5, she's been de-aged by editor Eddie Berganza to "just 16 years of age". It may be just a year[...]
Paul Levitz Joins Guests At London Super Comic Con In March
I'm not sure when the last time ex-DC publisher/president Paul Levitz came to a British comic book convention was Mid eighties, perhaps, at the height of the UKCAC London scene? No idea. But he'll be at the London Super Comic Con in March next year, as the show releases their third way of comic book guest announcements. I have[...]
Sexy Or Sexualized? The Depiction Of Women In Comics With Paul Levitz, Gail Simone, Dave Gibbons, Marguerite Bennett, Adam Hughes, Christina Blanch, And Thom Zahler At Baltimore Comic Con
Paul Levitz moderated a panel on the depiction of women in comics at Baltimore Comic Con this year on Friday with panelists Gail Simone, Dave Gibbons, Marguerite Bennett, Adam Hughes, Christina Blanch, and Thom Zahler. Levitz opened by pointing out that whether a character is depicted as sexy or sexualized in comics is a very old[...]