A Kid-Friendly Comic: Angry Birds Comics Relaunch #1 Review


Today brings the relaunch of IDW's Angry Birds Comics, so if you haven't had enough of the game, or the previous Angry Birds comics, today is your lucky day. Angry Birds Comics #1 contains a few stories. The first one is entitled Angry Bird, and it's written by Paul Tobin, with art by Paco Rodriques, and the second one is Masterpig Theatre Presents: The Three Minionteers, written by Tobin, with art by Stefano Intini.

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Now I've never picked up another Angry Birds comic, but I have of course played the game in many different forms including Angry Birds: Star Wars (both I and II.) However, I definitely understand the draw of giving these funny bird characters more of a story and an existence in other forms of media. After reading the first issue, I've concluded that this is a very silly comic, but I mean that in a positive way. It's playful and certainly meant for children. There are other comics out there that tend to be kid-friendly, but contain humor that would entice an adult to keep reading. I don't feel that way about Angry Birds. Still, it was an enjoyable read. The art is bright and matches the games colorful landscapes. It was a smart move to include bits like I've posted below. You'll find them throughout the comic describing different characters, what they do, and what their personalities are like.

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Overall, I'm glad I gave it a read. It's nice to mix in something unusual into your pull list once and a while. If you know of any young readers, or if you're a die-hard Angry Birds fan yourself, be sure to pick up Angry Birds Comics #1 today.

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