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Penultiman and Edgar Allen Poe in Ahoy Comics October 2020 Solicits
Motter and Russell Braun and Penultiman by Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson launch issues to the schedules with their October 2020 solicitations. EDGAR ALLAN POE`S SNIFTER OF BLOOD #1 (MR) Ahoy Comics AUG201095 (W) Paul Cornell, Dean R Motter (A) Dean R Motter, Russell Braun (CA) Jill Thompson The Snifter of Terror returns with an all-star snark-fest under a bloody new[...]
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Penultiman, the new comic book series for Ahoy Comics by Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson was meant to debut back in May But then, well, you know what happened Anyway, now the series will be published in October And Bleeding Cool has a big preview in an attempt to try and bring you up to[...]
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You may have read Penultiman's self-hating superheroic tales in Steel Cage, also from Ahoy Comics, but now he's getting a spinoff. Here's the solicitation, along with everything else Ahoy Comics is soliciting for May 2020. PENULTIMAN #1 (W) Tom Peyer (A) Alan Robinson (C) Alan Robinson From the pages of the AHOY interactive sensation STEEL CAGE! Penultiman, The Next-To-Last-Stage In Human[...]