Being Spider-Man And Holding A Pig At San Diego Comic-Con

While walking back to the convention center from some of the outdoor convention activities like Adult Swim and FX Network, a woman had stopped me and asked if I could hold her pig for a photo I, of course, obliged as that seemed like the best photo opportunity of my life I mean Spider-Man and[...]

Did Prez Predict #Piggate?

Prez, the sci-fi of a young accidental YouTube sensation elected President Of The United States through a series of flukes, and greedy machinations of the electoral college, is set decades in the future, but seems very reminiscent of now. But never more so than a month ago…. Who knew, when this came out that such a […]

Did Charlie Brooker Know? Or Did He Just Get Very Lucky?

It states that if the Princess is not to be killed, the Prime Minister, (based on current PM David Cameron) must have sex with a pig, transmitted live on television The characters go through tortuous attempts to avoid this eventuality, but in the end, the Prime Minister is forced by public pressure to undergo the act[...]