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Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition Shows Off Fourth DLC & New Soldier
Snapshot Games along with Saber Minsk and Prime Matter showed off a new soldier unit coming to the next Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition DLC This one is being called the Mutoid soldier unit, and it will be the focal point of DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons, which releases into the game for both PC and console[...]
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Prime Matter and GoldKnights released a brand new trailer during Gamescom 2021 as we get a better look at their upcoming game The Last Oricru This particular game caught our eye as it is an action RPG that is focused more on the storytelling aspect of what's in front of you than the actual combat[...]
Prime Matter Will Release Encased This September
Prime Matter has released a new trailer this morning for their upcoming game Encased, as we learn different ways to play the RPG Along with developer Dark Crystal Games, they have created a system in which you can choose the various ways to play, which will ultimately determine how successful your character is in this[...]
Dolmen Announced A 2022 Release During Gamescom 2021
Prime Matter and Massive Work Studio revealed at Gamescom 2021 their next game Dolmen will be coming out in 2022 The game had been revealed back in June as fans got a taste of the cosmic horror action RPG, but up until now, they've been a bit quiet on the project But at least we[...]
Prime Matter Will Release Encased This September
Prime Matter announced today they will release their upcoming tactical sci-fi game Encased on Steam on September 7th, 2021 The title developed by Dark Crystal Games has been out in Early Access for nearly two years while they've been trying to perfect the game But in about six weeks you'll be able to experience an[...]
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Prime Matter has released a brand new overview trailer today for their upcoming action RPG game The Last Oricru As you might suspect from a trailer like this, you're given a pretty good idea of what the game is about, but you're not given the entire picture as they do want you to be a[...]
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Koch Media announced that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is headed to Nintendo Switch under the newly-created Prime Matter label Developed by Warhorse Studios, the game had been published by Deep Silver since it was released back in 2018 Now it appears as part of the move to help the new label establish itself, they are moving[...]