Encased Gets A New Trailer Showing Different Ways To Play

Prime Matter has released a new trailer this morning for their upcoming game Encased, as we learn different ways to play the RPG. Along with developer Dark Crystal Games, they have created a system in which you can choose the various ways to play, which will ultimately determine how successful your character is in this world, but could also cause a number of problems down the road based on your decisions. Along with the trailer we have a brief piece for you from the publisher about some of the things they learned about those who have already tried the game out in Early Access on Steam. Specifically how most players chose to play as themselves and took the standard path through The Dome rather than an alternative character.

Prime Matter Will Release Encased This September
Credit: Prime Matter

So why did everyone begin Encased playing as 'themselves' rather than role-playing an alternative choice? While some of this would be down to it being a first playthrough, there are more fundamental issues at play here. Dr. Rachel Kowert, a psychologist specialising in our interaction with video games,- says that almost all of us project our own personality when playing a video game; at least when it comes to RPGs.

"Our in-game avatars are often a means of experimenting with many possible 'selves', either as we are–our actual self–or an idealized version of ourselves. The characters we create in-game are very often closely related to who we are out of game," said Dr. Rachel Kowert.

There's also a personal development aspect to this too. Research at Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab found players who were helpful to NPCs in a video game were then more helpful to others in real life too. It's called the Proteus Effect and, yes, playing video games can make you a better person. Other studies have produced similar results.

"There is an entire field of research looking at how digital role play in video games can impact how we think and behave out of game. For example, seeing a digital version of ourselves being successful in these spaces can become a catalyst for changing thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves," added Dr Kowert.

So is the reverse true, if we play as evil characters or just run amok with a gun in a first person shooter, does that mean we become worse in real life? Thankfully, despite what some of the tabloids would have you believe, the answer to this is a firm no. The proteus effect only pulls you up, it doesn't pull you down. So why did the developers put these alternative gameplay styles in the game if people don't instinctively play them?

"We created Encased to not only be an entertaining game, but one that would provoke some thoughts in players too. From moral choices to problem solving, we wanted the player to use their imagination to play out their avatar in whichever way they wanted," said Viacheslav Kozikhin, Creative Director at Dark Crystal Games. "These are some of the reasons why we created all these extra possibilities. We're aware not everyone will see them, but that's part of the magic of RPG's. It's all about discovery and allowing players to explore a world in whatever way they want rather than having a storyline-on-rails."

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