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A Lot More Than Pecs Being Drawn At San Diego Comic-Con
At the PECS Bar in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, Prism Comics, a group that supports LGBTQ creators and comics, ran a Drink & Draw event at a busy San Diego gay bar. Walking in, the models are the first thing to hit you, standing in poses for the sketches in the audience, of whom[...]
Post NYCC – Prism Comics Presents: Autobio In Queer Comics
The anthology supports the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant, which is used to help queer creators and their projects in comics. Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool reporter and comics creator His work includes the LGBTQ superhero team series The Pride, which was one of the Top 25 Comixology Submit Titles of 2014; and also co-writing[...]
Talking LGBTQ Comics And SDCC With Brian Andersen(UPDATE)
Yay! As well as being at the Prism Comics booth! Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool contributor, and creator/writer of LGBTQ superhero team comic The Pride, which is available on Comixology and at The Pride Store He is also a co-writer on Welsh horror-comedy series, Stiffs, which can be bought at the Stiffs Store and is[...]
Stray Bullet Wins Prism Queer Press Grant
Dave Davenport has received the 2015 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant towards the production of his upcoming graphic novel Stray Bullet. Announced at the It's A Queer, Queer World panel by Prism president Ted Abenheim at Wondercon, the grant is awarded to "assist comics creators in self publishing comics with LGBT characters or themes Entries are judged[...]
There Were Many Directions For New Directions In LGBTQ Comics At Wondercon
That really modelled to the audience the way in which diversity in comics can be achieved with no single or pressurizing vision of the specific ways in which comics need to change, but rather an encouragement that everyone continues to move comics forward in the ways that seem best to them. Whether it's tackling the mainstream[...]
Can The NSA Give Me Access To My Old Hotmail Emails Please?
I bet they were all over that. So, dear NSA, dear Prism, I'm happy for you to read all my emails, all my instant messages, all my Facebook posts But if you did back up my Hotmail account – – could I have it a copy? It would really make my day. Thanks! [...]
Review: Young Bottoms In Love
What else makes the return of this anthology something to take note of (besides how incredible it is) is that for every copy purchased $5 will go to Prism Comics a "non-profit organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) comics, creators, and readers." Getting back to that title, it's not what you think Well,[...]
Iron Man Wins Substance Abuse Award
Last year, the PRISM Awards gave their honour for the best portrayal of substance abuse or mental health issues in a comic book to Cry For Justice: Rise Of Arsenal. Which was basically the equivalent of giving the Best Comic For Kids award to Crossed. This year, the award ceremony honoured a less controversial choice, Rob William's[...]
So How Did Rise Of Arsenal Win That PRISM Award Anyway?
Bleeding Cool was not the only site to express surprise that Justice League Of America: Rise Of Arsenal won a PRISM award for an accurate portrayal of drug use and mental illness. But rather than whinge and whine (okay we did a bit of that), I thought I'd actually ask them "what up?" Larry Deutchman, Exec[...]
Gay Comic Con Launches On Sunday
And it is free. On Sunday, from noon till 7pm (to accommodate all those late Saturday nights) at 4232 Melrose Avenue (next to the Faultline bar) gay and straight comic book fans will be invited to meet gay comic creators. Created by Hard To Swallow's Dave Davenport and Myth's Sean-Z, it's being promoted by gay comics[...]